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Friday, January 24, 2014

Senator graham avoids answering bengazi questions

(Senator graham avoids answering bengazi questions on Bob Mclain Radio Show WORD FM 106.3 3PM-7PM M-F. WORD 106.3 Great Talk Radio)

There are two conservative talk shows on WORD 106.3 FM that will inform you like no other talk shows. Bob Mclain (3PM to 7PM) and Russ Cassell (8AM to 12PM).

These conservative talk shows are like no other because these shows tell you the truth about the deception of the national news media. WORD informs the electorate.

Their shows are online or on tunein etc.

If you want to be informed and not IGNORANT, listen and learn.

Sen graham will not answer why congress has not appointed a special prosecuter to investigate obama, holder, hillery etc. Graham fears an informed electorate. Congress fears an informed electorate. The FRAUD obama fears an informed electorate.

Sen graham should be investigated for treason along with most of congress.)
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