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Monday, January 6, 2014

dogs prefer to align on the north-south axis when dumping

Dogs prefer to align on the north-south axis when defecating
dogs prefer to align on the north-south axis when defecating
Amina Khan
Scientists studied 70 dogs of 37 different breeds as they defecated (1,893 dumps, to be precise) and urinated (a whopping 5,582 times) – data collected over two years. The researchers found that dogs prefer to point along the north-south axis when they do their business – as long as the magnetic field is stable. When the magnetic field shifts – say, because of an oncoming solar storm – it becomes more difficult to see the pattern, Begall said.

“We were quite frustrated, because we couldn't find a clear preference for a certain direction,” Begall said. “Then, we sorted the data according to the prevailing [magnetic-field] conditions at the time of recording, and this analysis revealed a highly significant and predictable effect.”

Both male and female dogs took this north-south stance when defecating, the study authors said. But male dogs took slightly different positions when urinating – probably a result of their leg-lifting behavior. How that leg-lifting – right or left? – affects a dog’s alignment is “currently under study,” the authors wrote.

The authors caution that more research is needed — in part because ‘normal’ magnetic conditions occurred only in 30% of the cases studied for this work.
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