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Monday, December 16, 2013

Obama irrefutable evidence of emotional imbalance and mental illness

Is Barack Obama Mentally Unstable?
Is Barack Obama Mentally Unstable? YES.
With so much of Obama’s past hidden and shrouded in secrecy, how can we find out who Barack Obama really is? There is no better way to know a person than by what he says. So let us see what is revealed about Obama by his own words, in his own book “Dreams from My Father.
On page 145 in ‘Dreams from my Father” Obama recalls a trip with his mother to a museum in Chicago.

“At the Field Museum, I saw two shrunken heads that were on display. They were wrinkled but well preserved, each the size of my palm, their eyes and mouths sewn shut, just as I should have expected. They appeared to be of European extraction: the man had a small goatee, like a conquistador; the female had flowing red hair. I stared at them for a long time (until my mother pulled me away), feeling with the morbid glee of a young boy—- as if I had stumbled upon some sort of cosmic joke. Not so much as the heads had been shrunk — that I could understand; it was the same idea as eating tiger meat with Lolo**, a form of magic, a taking of control. Rather, the fact these little European faces were here in a glass case, where strangers, perhaps even descendants, might observe the details of their gruesome fate. That no one seemed to think that odd.”

A shrunken human head that has a goatee like the shrunken head Obama observed gives Obama a thrill, a sense of “morbid glee.” How ghoulishly frightening and completely bizarre! Does any sane person think Obama’s reaction is a normal one?

What mentally balanced, stable human being enjoys seeing the shrunken heads of dead people from another race? Obama, himself, even seems to understand that there is something mentally wrong with him. Barack realizes that is abnormal to take delight in such a macabre sight. He uses the term “morbid-glee” which is almost an oxymoron. Normal people feel sadness and repulsion over morbid sights. This is unquestionably and most definitely a sign that Obama is not of a sound mind.

It is irrefutable evidence of emotional imbalance and mental illness. He says, “I stared at them for a long time” until his mother had to pull him away. So we can see Obama was transfixed and mesmerized by viewing decapitated white people.

The brutal fate and violent end of these white people gives Obama a feeling of “morbid glee.” Obama makes an analogy between seeing mutilated white people to “eating tiger meat”. What an incredible and frightening psychological revelation. A tiger in the wild is a natural enemy to man. Eating a tiger is eating your enemy. Obama makes the analogy between the sight of dead white people as “the same as eating tiger meat with Lolo.” (Lolo is an Obama’s Indonesian step father and his mother’s second Muslim husband).

Oama’s own words clearly expose that he views white people as his enemy. The “gruesome fate” of these whites was so pleasurable and satisfying to Obama that he actually describes his feelings as “a form of magic, of taking control.” Obama has deep-seated emotional problems. It is absolutely undeniable that Barack Obama is an anti-white racist
(** Lolo was Obama’s Indonesian Muslim step father and his mother’s second husband)
(Obama was a sick mentally ill kid, he still is. I think any record of obama's mental illness has been destoyed or hidden. Remember all of obama's records etc are sealed or missing. His past has been wiped clean. His mental illness records if any are hidden.) Story Reports
The truth about who obama is and his agenda for “whitie”

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