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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Police officer R.C. Nelson talks about how jack ruby got into the parking garage

JFK Assassination Witness Speaks For 1st Time
Police officer R.C. Nelson, retired from the Dallas Police, talks about whar really happened in Dallas.
Jilda Unruh
What hasn’t been shared before is what Nelson said happened just before the shooting and then in the immediate aftermath.

When President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was cut down by an assassin, a chain of events began that included the murder of a police officer, the capture of the alleged presidential assassin, and the murder of the assassin.

In the 50 years since the Kennedy assassination, one Dallas Police officer who was in the middle of the chaos that enveloped the city in the hours and days that followed the murder has never shared his story about what he saw, heard and did. Until now.

Two days after the assassination of Kennedy and with an entire nation in mourning, Nelson was assigned to the basement’s main door entrance from city hall. Oswald was scheduled to be moved from city hall to the county jail and he was being moved through the basement.

Nelson said all of the television cameras, which broadcast the transfer and what happened in the basement, entered through the door where he was standing guard.

As Oswald was moving through the basement, Nelson was approximately 20 feet away when he heard a shot ring out and then chaos. Chicago businessman Jack Ruby had gotten into the basement and shot Oswald with a .38 revolver.

What hasn’t been shared before is what Nelson said happened just before the shooting and then in the immediate aftermath.

According to Nelson, right before Oswald was brought to the basement, a Dallas Police decoy car was brought to the basement and plain clothes cops were put inside the car to distract the media from the real transfer vehicle.

The decoy car drove up the north ramp, which Nelson said was actually the entry ramp to the basement.

“They drove up the north ramp which was actually the entry ramp into the basement and drove around the block,” Nelson said.

(Nelson is telling America that the decoy car picked up jack ruby as it drove around the block. This means the Dallas "plain clothes cops" drove ruby into the basement, because Lieutenant Pierce told Nelson that "it would not be held against him". Lt pierce and the Dallas police did one of two things. (1) Aided ruby in killing oswald on purpose or (2) Picked up ruby just to get him inside the basement because he had police buddies. Either way according to Dallas police officer Nelson, the Dallas police dept was responsible for oswalds death.) Story Reports

Nelson said the lieutenant driving the decoy car came walking back through his area after parking in the basement again. Nelson said he was positive that Ruby had not passed him to get into the basement.

According to Nelson, Lieutenant Sam Pierce said Ruby walked right by the decoy car and walked down the north ramp into the basement. Shortly after the shooting, however, Nelson was told Dallas Chief of Police Jesse Curry wanted to see him.

When Nelson got to Chief Curry’s office, he saw Lieutenant Pierce was already in the office. The chief told Nelson, “R.C., this isn’t going to be held against you with all the TV cameras that were coming into the basement.”

Nelson thought Chief Curry was implying that Ruby had gotten past him. Nelson said he told the chief that, “You can tell them anything you want, but Ruby didn’t come by me!”

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