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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big Mac Attack

Woman runs over boyfriend 3 times for McDonald's

Crystal Greer Brooks, 33

Crystal big mac attack
After an evening out drinking, a Tennessee woman became so angry with her live-in boyfriend for failing to make a McDonald’s pit stop that she struck him three times with his own vehicle.

Crystal Greer Brooks, 33, Santiago Hernandez, 41, and a second man were traveling in Hernandez’s truck early Thursday morning when Brooks got mad because “they didn’t stop at McDonald’s,” according to a Kingsport Police Department report.

Brooks demanded that Hernandez pull over. When he complied, Brooks replaced him in the driver’s seat of the Chevrolet S-10. While Hernandez was standing in front of the truck, Brooks drove into him, knocking the father of her child to the ground. She then “pulled forward and struck him 2 more times with the truck,” police charge.

A responding officer noted that Hernandez had abrasions on his arm and back, and his “clothing appeared torn, consistent with being dragged on the pavement.” Brooks denied plowing into Hernandez, claiming that he had actually jumped on the truck’s hood.
some comments

I like Micky D's fries too but dang!

She sounds like a real winner. But you have to give her marks for brand loyalty.

After the assault, the police found Sweet Crystal exiting Walmart and arrested her there!
I hope her boyfriend doesn't get rid of her. She sounds like she is a good catch! The boyfriend's name wasn't mentioned. IS THAT YOU SUGAR BEAR?!?!?!?!

Wish she would have gotten his McNuggets so they can't ever breed.

I'm willing to bet her nickname is, "Big Mac"

McDonald's wasn't "his kind of place."

Wow. He really wanted that McRib but now it's broken.

Cheit man i just wanted a Burito wif re fried beans?

You Deserve A Brake Today.

She is white ...her boyfriend is spanish who barely speaks english according to other news stories and her mugshot. the police could barely understand what he was saying...maybe he didn't understand she wanted to go to mcdonalds/

Just another hit and run but this time it was the illegal alien that got hit.

Sounds like she was driving the point home . Period

Will they send her up to the Ronald McDonald House for a period of rehab?

McD's takes EBT?

Somebody is not getting their happy meal.

He wanted an order of plain fries, but he got a salted.

White woman. Illegal alien boyfriend. Fresh replacement making way over border now.

Big momma strikes again.

She was texting to get an update on her EBT card at the time. A common mistake.

Trollin at it's finest

She probably could have run him down without the truck!

(If she had known the macdonalds had a drive through she could have got pedro and herself happy meals.) Story Reports

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