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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Obama wants to know

This Is How a Secret Gun Provision Made its Way Into Obamacare Legislation

The provision indicates that no individual records are to be maintained by obama on who or what type of gun a person owns.

It doesn't say information about groups of patients can't be maintained by obama and his comrads.

What most people don't get is that obamacare authorizes the federal government to know exactly every aspect of your personal medical records!!!!!


If your doctor asks you if you own a gun or how many what type ect.

All this information goes into the patients records and the patient records go straight to obama!!!!!!

So yes they are maintaining a national database on who owns guns etc NOW!!!

Its not complete. Obama and his comrads want a complete record of your gun ownership etc etc.

Obama wants to know where to come get your guns when the congress or himself passes some unconstitutional law or exectuvie order.

Don't tell your doctor anything about your gun ownership. If you do you might as well be telling mr obama himself.


In this bonus podcast, Tom discusses Operation Gun Rights.

Jan11_2013_Podcast_MONO.mp3 Click Here To Listen (14 min)

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