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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Walmart Black Friday 2012 Hunger Games


“Walmart is really going to crack down on the fighting this year,” said chief marketing officer Flutarch Peavensdee. “We can’t just open the doors and have everyone attacking each other at once without giving them something to fight for or showing it on TV.”

Peavensdee elaborated on how the current, chaotic state of Black Friday is a sad testament to America’s dangerous obsession with commercial goods. “It’s absolutely tragic to hear stories of people getting trampled to death over an iPad.”

“We’re thinking of implementing an instant replay feature for any of the customers that are especially hungry for a big deal.”

Walmart’s customers are equally enthusiastic about participating. One customer eva coin said, "I won't let anybody get in front of me like last year. I brought a baseball bat this time. Another customer, Bow Kuncles said, " I'm going to stomp any old lady that gets in my way."


(The above is of course not a real quote. It is true people have been trampled to death, stabbed, arrested etc on black friday. Its is somewhat similar to the hunger games. We do see replays of some of the black friday games. There are winners and losers.

Its is a sad testament to Americans obsession to commercial goods. People are just being manipulated through various methods such as the delphi technique Psychological control in advertising etc.

The black friday hunger games are everywhere. Its just the beginning of 4 more years or more with obama. I suggest not getting into the frey of "black" friday for your own safety.)
Story Reports

LA Times

Aimee Drolet Rossi, a consumer psychologist at UCLA's Anderson School of Management, said it should not be surprising that some people act out on Black Friday. Research on rats and monkeys has shown that they become more aggressive when placed in a crowded situation, and Rossi said humans are no different.

"Crowding leads people to behave less altruistically, in part because people's sense of responsibility lags when a lot of other people are around," she said. "People assume that other people will step up to help someone who is in distress."

"For some people, shopping is a competitive sport," LAPD Commander Andy Smith said. "But it should not be a contact sport."

The LAPD has been visiting stores across the city this week, talking to managers about the psychology of the frantic shopper.

Officials said the push was prompted by a series of incidents at Black Friday sales, notably one last year at a Porter Ranch Wal-Mart in which two dozen people were injured when a woman unleashed pepper spray during a frantic battle for some discounted video games.

The LAPD has also suggested that retailers avoid stacking sales items on pallets "to mitigate crowd aggression."

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