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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Currency creation is invisible theft by the so called federal reserve which is foreign privately owned banks

Mike Adams

The Federal Reserve's decision to announce QE3 "infinite" quantitative easing has now put us all on the path of infinite money creation.

QE3 becomes the "infinite bailout" strategy of the Fed.

But there's a problem in all this: Infinite money creation means infinite devaluation. As the money supply expands, the value of the dollars currently in circulation (physically or electronically) approaches ZERO.

The timing on all this is, of course, an unknown. Some of the more outspoken critics of Fed financial policy believe we're going to see a financial meltdown before the end of April 2013. Others think it may take several years longer. A few observers say we'll be lucky to make it to Christmas.

The banking debt crisis is likely to happen much sooner, potentially even this year (after the election).

The U.S. dollar has become a game of musical chairs, and the loser is anyone holding dollars when the music stops. Don't have all your eggs in the dollar basket when that day comes. Diversify into storable food, gold, farm land... anything that holds value through a currency collapse.

Because remember, the value of the currency you hold can be stolen from you even if the physical paper money is not. This swindle has been repeated countless times throughout human history, always by corrupt central bankers and government conspirators. Time after time, the People get scammed, and time after time, most of them can't even figure out who stole the money. That's the evil genius of the entire plan:

Currency creation is invisible theft. With every new dollar they create, they effectively steal one dollar's worth of purchasing power from those who hold the currency.

We are staring into the eyes of the beast here, looking at the greatest financial swindle ever pulled off in the history of the world. This is the banker end game. When this chapter is complete, the people will be left with nothing while the banks own everything.

Infinite quantitative easing (QE3) now initiated; the final chapter of America's financial blowout has begun


(Federal reserve ie foreign banks invisible theft of your money. All the money you have in the bank is being stolen by foreign banks and you don't have a clue that it is happening now and has been for years.

The same thing applies if you have money tied up in stocks or bonds.

Things that hold value as the dollar is devalued daily is a good idea to purchase: storable food, gold, silver, farm land...etc. When the US dollar becomes near worthless you will still own something of value.

I would say purchase food and live paycheck to paycheck. That way when the dollar is worthless you will only be one paycheck short and have food to eat at least.)
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