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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Virginia has passed a law that bars state cooperation of federal detention under NDAA of 2012

(The NDAA of 2012 was drafted in SECRET.)
Virginia has passed a new law that bars state cooperation with any federal detention of its citizens under Barack Obama’s National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

Section 1031 of the national defense authorization act (also known as the NDAA) provides broad authority for the Federal Government to use the military in domestic operations, in order to detain Americans indefinitely – and without trial. Such a move not only white-washes the natural rights of Americans, whereby publicly criticizing the Federal Government can now rise to the purposefully vague definition of “Belligerent Acts”. It also sits in direct violation of Posse Comitatus, an 1878 law forbidding the use of the military against home – and against Americans.”

Bob Unruh

“If Congress and the president must suspend a citizen’s civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution’s Bill of Rights to fight the war on terrorism, then we have lost that war, having lost the very purpose for which the war is being fought – to preserve the American constitutional republic,” Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall wrote in a letter this week to legislative leaders around the country.

“Let Congress and the president hear from the states as we join together, so that we soon may see the day that they repeal this terrible law (NDAA)”.

Marshall’s HB1160 passed the Virginia House of Delegates by a vote of 87-7 and the Virginia Senate 36-1 just a week ago, making Virginia the first state to approve such legislation.

His concern was that NDAA “literally turns the entire country into a military battlefield, conferring extraordinary powers on the U.S. armed forces against its own citizens.”

“Not since the American Civil War has there been such a claim of power over the nation’s citizenry,” he said.

Marshall’s letter noted Virginia was the first state in the nation to refuse cooperation “with federal authorities who, acting under the authority of section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), could arrest and detain American citizens suspected of aiding terrorists without probable cause, without the right to know the charges against them, and without the procedural rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Our new law goes into effect on July 1, 2012.”

The Japanese American Citizens League, which reminded the Virginia General Assembly that illegal detentions could occur in the future, because they have occurred in the past – with President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066 and the roundup of 110,000 Japanese Americans into concentration camps because they were classified as ‘suspected enemy aliens.’”

An analysis by the Tenth Amendment Center said the bill “prevents any agency, political subdivision, employee, or member of the military of Virginia from assisting an agency of the armed forces of the United States in the conduct of the investigation, prosecution, or detention of a United States citizen in violation of the United States Constitution, Constitution of Virginia, or any Virginia law or regulation.”

House Bill 1160 addresses several obscure sections of the NDAA of 2012 that appear to allow unlimited detentions by U.S. military forces and federal law enforcement agencies of even U.S. citizens without charges or a court hearing.

The federal plan targets citizens who are classified as belligerents or who are suspected of involvement in terrorist activities. Marshall told WND that he was alarmed to find out that Obama specifically had wanted that section included in the law.

(The war on terror is fake. It has been contrived by traitors in the US under foreign control. If you take the time to study and make your own decision about what happened in OLK City and New York on 911. You will see part of the puzzle that point to the false flag of the "war on terror".

The "war on terror" is a means to the end of US citizen sovereignty. It is in fact part of a scheme of global control.

If you have enough of your critical thinking left to analyze what the US government has done under the guise of "protecting your freedom" it becomes plain that your freedoms are being taken away!

If you are one of the many people who just accept everything the government tells you without question, you might as well be HYPNOTIZED into believing everything the corrput government tells you without question. Your critical thinking has been tured off and because of this you accept and believe the various government lies and half truths.)
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Listen to the Radio Liberty Broadcast and use your critical thinking to make you own decision about the "war on terror" etc. Make your own decision and don't just accept what the government tells you without question.

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(I listen to these shows but don't always agree with everything that is said. If I did automatically agree my critical thinking would not be functioning, as most if not all obama supporters.) Story Reports

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