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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Video Exposes Obama Citizenship FRAUD


2-minute video destroys obama birth certificate fraud.
The FIRST EIGHT SECONDS of this video buries your rabid liberal media in their own lies.

You were not born in Hawaii. You are not a US citizen. Your FORGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE, fabricated by Annenberg Factcheck, proves you are a liar, a fraud, an imposter, and an illegal alien.

Mr. Obama - or whoever you are - you have had seven years to prove who you are, and you refused to do so.

Meet the only 2 people to ever "examine" Obama's SHORT-FORM COLB's

(Yep there are 2 main facts about the "certifcation of live birth" the obama campaign put on the internet.

(1) It can't be verfied because it contains no hospital or doctors names. No signatures. Nothing that can be verfied by the American public.

(2) The strange fact that it was forged and yet Hawaii has indicated that some kind of record exists in Hawaii.

The video above proves it was forged as has been proven before. It seems there is a coverup that includes many people that can't afford for the "cat" to get out of the bag because it would be not just obama resigning or removed in disgrace but many other people going to prison for FRAUD.

I continue to ask, "where's the birth certificate" at work and elsewhere. It is making people think and question who obama is. Yesterday I was confronted by an individual who told me obama does not have to prove he has a birth certificate and then he said he has one.

I told him there are at least 5 different versions of the online short form colb and none of them can be verfied.

I also informed the individual that obama can't prove he is a US citizen because all he has is a index notation in Hawaii that indicates his name and sex.

I also informed the individual there are 5 different ways to get a birth certificate in Hawaii.

One of the ways is to prove the parents were married for at least 1 year prior to the birth and lived in Hawaii. A "birth certificate" then could be issued even if the baby was born OUTSIDE of the US!

Because obama's short form can't be verified as to how he obtained it and it has no hospital or doctors name to verify he was born in Hawaii, no one on earth can prove obama was born in Hawaii especially the usurper obama himself.

The individual got frustrated and asked me if I could prove I was a US citizen. I said yes, I have a birth certificate with a hospital and doctors name, signatures and seal.

My record can be verfied because my birth certificate states facts that can be "fact checked" and verified.

The individual I was talking started to make various excuse for obama such as maybe someone other than obama has altered his birth certificate.

I informed him also that obama has never claimed any of the five colb's online are his.

My point is I as others need to keep asking, "where's the birth certifivate".

There were many other people in the room "fact checking" what I said against what the obama supporter said.

Because I have the cahonas to speak out and ask "where's the birth certificate", there are people who when they see me instead of saying hello say, "where's the birth certificate". I am making people think and question obama's US citizenship because of the fact I have questioned who obama is and his orign.)
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