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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Comments About The Regime

Rush Limbaugh Echo for 2/2/11

Pharaoh Obama uses the reverb from the White House

The American people do not want the Obama Agenda.

Nancy Pelosi said it was "silly" to say Obamacare is unconstitutional.

A federal judge did not think it was 'silly'.

If we face a quiet Constitutional crisis,"Did The Regime do this on purpose?"

They knew the commerce aspects of Obamacare were unconstitutional. There was no xxx clause and so all of Obamacare is found unconstitutional by one federal judge.

26 states want no part of Obamacare and just one AG can ask Judge Vinson for a judgment. Judge Vinson thought implementation would cease rather than defy his court.

Is The Regime throwing us into a Constitutional Crisis, on purpose? I am compelled to point out once again that Obamacare hires 16,000 new IRS agents not 16,000 new doctors. Why? If you are not opting in, they will get the money from you with a fine and Pelosi's jail.

It's unconstitutional — but The Regime is ignoring a major court decision.

Socialism has failed all around the world, and thinking Americans want to know why anyone would want to try it here. Where is the benefit from the bailouts? Just with public sector unions. Gov't Motors is now owned by The Regime.

This is their reward for helping transform America away from Capitalism.

Environmentalists escape reality to claim CO2 is a pollutant.

You exhale carbon-dioxide, CO2, and that is a greenhouse gas poison? The Creator did this to us? It makes no sense at all. We cannot change anything by not breathing. Plants need carbon dioxide to survive.

They have yet to be right about anything, and yet they claim credit for whatever happens.

The law, of course, is Obamacare, and US District Judge Roger Vinson ruled that it is unconstitutional to force Americans to purchase health insurance or face punishment. Bottom line is, the court agreed with outraged citizens from every state who understand that Barack Obama, Dingy Harry, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrat Party do not have the authority or the power to force their will on us -- as if we are helpless subjects, and they are third world dictators.

Now, in a delicious bit of irony, the judge used Obama's own words against him. In a footnote at the end of his ruling, Judge Vinson wrote: "In 2008, then-Senator Obama supported a health care reform proposal that did not include an individual mandate because he was at that time strongly opposed to the idea, stating that 'if a mandate was the solution, we can try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody to buy a house.'"

"We have three branches -- legislative, executive, and judiciary -- and the executive cannot tell the legislative or the judicial what to do. However, this bunch thinks they can."

"We have an increasingly lawless president. 'Did you mean to say that, Mr. Limbaugh?' Yes, I did, Mr. New Castrati. We have an increasingly lawless president."

"The Republicans should repeal the law whether or not it is unconstitutional because it is a disaster. This cannot be forgotten, folks. This law, Obamacare, destroys the American health care system, and it destroys whatever is left of the nation's Treasury."

"They say Mubarak hasn't listened to his people. Really? He-he-he... Is this regime listening to us? We don't want and have never wanted their health care!"

"Do you remember last year when a reporter asked Nancy Pelosi if the Constitution allows the federal government to force people to have health insurance? She said, 'Are you serious?' As though she thought that was one of the stupidest questions that she's ever heard. Yeah, we're serious! We're damn serious!"

"Maybe we could get Mubarak to tell Obama that he shouldn't run again. I wouldn't mind that. In fact, I'd like to see that."

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