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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The state run media buried stories about Rev. Wright

(Rush is right again when he said today there is no national media. Its a state run media propaganda machine. This liberal machine hides the true facts about the FRAUD obama. The mass media propaganda has been exposed as a coordinated effort to conceal the facts.) Story Reports

The state run media buried stories about Rev. Wright

Documents reveal coordinated effort in 2008 by key members of establishment press.

A number of mainstream journalists plotted during the 2008 presidential campaign to shut down coverage of the outrageous comments by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his close ties to then-candidate Barack Obama, according to a new report.

Jonathan Strong of the Daily Caller reports obtaining records of exchanges on a listserv called Journolist, which includes several hundred liberal journalists, activists and like-minded professors.

The comments included a suggestion from Michael Tomasky, a writer for the London Guardian, who appeared outraged over an ABC interview that questioned Obama about the Wright statements, such as "God d--- America," and the close links between the two men.

"We need to throw chairs now, try as hard as we can to get the call next time. Otherwise the questions in October will be exactly like this," Tomasky wrote. "This is just a disease."

The journalists' attempt to stifle questions directed to Obama was paralleled just this year when a substantial list of "media stars" criticized a book exposing Obama's record – without reading it.

In that case, members of the news media, including from publications such as Time and Newsweek, reacted harshly to the announcement of the No. 1 non-fiction book in America, with multiple reporters sending expletive-laden e-mails to the author's publicist saying they did not want to receive a copy.

(Many in the public know what the lame stream media is and how it has been a mouth piece for liberalism. This is why so many rely on internet sources for the real news and truth about what is going on. Over the last several months I have read different accounts of what the lame stream media was telling the public. I have known the mass media just parrots the lies of obama and the liberal democrates. My past blogs are a record of the mass media lies that I have refuted.) Story Reports

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