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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BO must bust a move or be busted for criminal fraud after the nov 2010 elections

The nov 2010 elections are a thorn in obama's side. Nov 2010 is when America will tell obama to shut up. Obama knows this. America knows this. What will happen?

Obama is the joker in a deck of cards. He is the wild card.

Will obama cheat and play dirty?

Obama has nothing to loose. He is a fraud.

The fraud obama has stacked the deck againt America. Obama is dealing from under the deck.

He also is not playing with a full deck.

Americans hold a winning hand now. All obama can do is bluff because he can't win the election.

BO knows if he doesn't bust a move sooner or later he will be busted himself because of his criminal fraud.

What will BO do? Its anybodys guess. Lock and load America.

Consider this:

Republicans will take the US house in Nov 2010.

Pelosi is out and a republican speaker is in.

The speaker is 3rd in line for the presidency.

When the republicans control the house there will be hearings about obama. Americans will know the truth about his birth origins etc.

The republican hearings will lead to obama's impeachment. BO will never resign.

Obama and biden will both be removed from office because of criminal fraud, extorsion, etc.

This leaves America with a republican president. The republican speaker of the house then becomes president until 2012.

Will obama flinch before the Nov 2010 elections or just before he will be required to offer proof of his citizenship after the elections and impeachment in the house etc?

Because obama is mentally unstable the question is up in the air.

What do you think will happen when the republicans take over the house?

They are not going to give him a pass. Obama will be investigated. Obama will be exposed as a criminal fraud.

When this happens will BO use the civil unrest to declare martial law?

Obama knows his time is short. What will the imposter do next?

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