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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why The FRAUD Obama Has Not Been Exposed

I have thought and said all along it would almost be to late to expose the FRAUD obama after Jan 8, 2009 when Congress met in joint session to count the electorial votes. Before this date if a case were filed in state court as the article below explains the FRAUD obama could have been exposed in the Supreme Court. Now obama hides behind the law and knows he can get cases dismissed questioning his citizenship. (If Obama was not a FRAUD he would not challenge ANY court case that seeks to only prove his "citizenship".) This is evidence in itself obama is a FRAUD by the fact obama challenges any court case that asks the question, are you a US citizen or are you a natural born citizen? (I know obama is a FRAUD because he will not provide ANY documentation to back up his on line certification of birth picture on his web site. Without ANY documentation to back it up, anyone including me could have printed it an declared it as authentic.) US election laws were known to obama. He knew of the vast loop holes of election law and state laws that require an individual to have "standing" to challenge a presidential candidate in court. The DNC also of course knows all states rubber stamp any candidate that is nominated in their convention as "qualified".

There is hope as Daniel Tokaji suggests. The most promising is a preelection state-court lawsuit seeking to keep an allegedly unqualified candidate off the ballot. This it seems would be a real answer to exposing the FRAUD obama, but only in the next election cycle of 2012.

The real time answer to exposing obama now is as Leo Donofrio states: "The case has been made as to the Constitutional process necessary to challenge President Obama’s qualifications for office. I call him President because he is President – under our Constitution – unless and until the District Court for the District of Columbia finds him ineligible. That is the only venue of review currently available under the law." Quo warranto is what obama should fear because it could expose him as a FRAUD if the wheels of justice would start turning!

What can be done to remove obama from office now

Daniel Tokaji: The current federal lawsuits challenging the presidential candidates’ eligibility to serve as president are not justiciable, and it is questionable whether any justiciable case could be brought in federal court as an initial matter. Fortunately, there are alternative means to adjudicate this matter that are consistent with the U.S. Constitution. The most promising is a preelection state-court lawsuit seeking to keep an allegedly unqualified candidate off the ballot. In the event that a renegade state court rejects a candidate who is, in fact, eligible or that two or more state courts reach conflicting conclusions on a candidate’s eligibility, U.S. Supreme Court review should be available as a backstop. This avenue seems less fraught with peril than congressional resolution of the matter, given Congress’ dubious legal authority to not count electoral votes of a candidate it believes ineligible. Those who seek to challenge a presidential candidate’s eligibility would thus be well-advised to dust off their state election codes and head to state court.


The Justiciability of Eligibility: May Courts Decide Who Can Be President?

I agree with the michigan law review article written by Daniel Tokaji. Its to late to challenge obama's "election". A FRAUD has been elected. Its not to late to challenge the FRAUD in the 2012 election cycle and the FRAUD obama knows this. If Americans will question and challenge obama in state courts before the 2012 election as professor Daniel Tokaji states obama can and will be exposed as the FRAUD he is. This is the answer. This is what can be done to expose obama as a FRAUD in the near future. Quo warranto can expose obama as a FRAUD now. Obama know this. A FRAUD who hides his true nature and citizenship. Obama is really just an empty suit. He speaks as is he is programmed by a teleprompter. He makes decisions like an IDIOT. Everyday he tries to look presidential and make some statement and then change it or lie about saying it in the first place.

Rush Limbaugh made a statement that he thought children were in charge of running the country. I agree. Just listen to nancy pelosi, she is an IDIOT. The IDIOT obama was elected because of her efforts as she says. The obama administration makes decisions like children would. Our country has elected people who think like children and act like children.

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