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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Portrait of an IDIOT

TORONTO - Sean Penn made a disheartening discovery on his latest trip to Alaska this summer: Someone had walked off with a pair of boots that had sat in an old bus in the wilderness for almost 15 years.

What an idiot. He is more concerned with old boots than defending his own country. He is more concerned with defending hugo chavas. What a dope. He is just as stupid as the hillery clinton types who are just socialists. Just like a circus. They are recuiting clowns for the crowning of hillery, will you sign up? Go ahead why not?
Get you hand out. Remember you can't think or work for yourself so the hillery types will do it for you. You are to dumb to survive. You are like the homeless mentally. This means that you ain't got the good sense GOD gave you to get out of the way of a bus. You can't see that the bus is hillery and her gaggle of liars. You will get run over and wreck causing damage to rest of us. I think you are not capable of seeing the reality of the menace of hillery clinton. She will take advantage of you. She will cloak herself as a moderate. In reality she is a raging oj type. Her public picture is much different than who she really is. Think of it this way, we are being invited to a memorabelia sale(our country). We go and find after arriving we we duped and try to leave but it is too late, the election is over and the raging female is selling us down the river.

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