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Monday, April 15, 2013

This would be a great crossbow to get for self defense but they don't make them anymore for some reason???

Shooting Barnett Commando Crossbow


There's a reload issue certainly, so not missing would be a good idea. Yet, in the narrow halls of your own home (a good kill zone) it wouldn't be so hard. Reload time is not much greater than a break barrel shotgun. To reduce the loading difference consider a model like the Barnett Commando 2.

The Commando 2 is a fast-cocking design, that operates like a break-barrel so you wouldn't need to drop it to use a foot stirrup etc. I think it does 280 fps.

The Commando 2 is a medium-sized crossbow. Get some broadheads to use with the bolts. Those would increase the wound trauma and your chances of hitting a vital organ, than would some standard target bolts.


(The manufacturer quit making these a few years ago for some reason? This would be a good choice if you could purchase it.) Story Reports

If you've never heard of the Barnett Commando then here's a brief history:

The legendary, rare and collectible self-cocking Barnett Commando crossbow has been seen in many Ninja movies and Hollywood Blockbusters including James Bonds "For Your Eyes Only", Christian Bales "Reign of Fire" and used as the platform for Chewbacca's "Bowcaster" crossbow in the Star Wars movies. What makes this crossbow legendary is it's unique hinged pivoting stock, locking arms and cocking hooks with self-aligning roller guides, this allows for faster loading during competition, hunting and target shooting. These crossbows basically break to cock the crossbow like a shotgun breaks to load shells!


Barnett Wildcat C5 Xtreme Crossbow Package

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