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Friday, March 8, 2013

Obama wants to make a combat zone a gun free zone also!

(The traitor obama will bring the Bin Laden son-in-law to try him in court. Lt Behenna was charged with murder in a combat zone and givin 25 years for defending himself against a terrorist. How crazy is this!!!!) Story Reports

Bin Laden son-in-law pleads not guilty, lawmakers blast move to use civilian courts

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In April 2008, Lieutanant Behenna, U.S. Army, was a Platoon Leader deployed to Bayji, Iraq (north of Baghdad). That month he shot and killed a detainee named Ali Mansur. The shooting occurred during an unauthorized interrogation in a desert culvert, during which LT Behenna stripped Ali Mansur naked and threatened him with a pistol. LT Behenna was charged with murder, and at trial in March 2009 he claimed self-defense, asserting that Ali Mansur had thrown a piece of concrete at him and tried to grab his pistol just before the shooting. LT Behenna was convicted, by members and contrary to his pleas, of unpremeditated murder and assault consummated by a battery, and was sentenced to a dismissal, total forfeitures, and confinement for 25 years (reduced by the convening authority to 20 years, and then by the clemency and parole board to 15 years).

Two trial-level objections were reviewed by the Army CCA (which denied relief), and then by CAAF. The first objection (which was raised at trial and denied) involved part of the military judge’s instructions to the members on self-defense. The second objection involved a defense-friendly opinion held by a government blood-spatter expert (who did not testify) that wasn’t disclosed until after findings were announced, leading to a defense request for a mistrial (that was denied).

This is the only officer that has been charged with murder in a combat zone since the Global War on Terror began.


Opinion Analysis: United States v. Behenna, No. 12-0030/AR

Supreme Court debating whether to review Behenna 2nd degree murder conviction

lt behenna charged with murder in a combat zone defending himself, obama wants to make a combat zone a gun free zone!!!!!

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