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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Congress and the "state run national news media" get their minds right

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This blog has moved to (Citizen Journalist real News)


Editors note:

It is interesting to listen and watch as congress and the "state run national news media" get their minds right. Political correctness in the form of discrimination against people who are white, just because of their race is already beginning to wane because of Donald Trump's election as president.

The spineless congress and news media will slowly begin to move away from political correctness because they see the writing is on the wall.

The generation that was raised on political correctness is going to slowly be weened and because of Trumps election blowout! The politically correct generation will cry and wine just like newborn babies. They think political correctness is "normal" and will soon find out it is abnormal. The "abby normal" political correct generation is about to go to Trump bootcamp and they will be kicking and screeming all the way through it.

Some will learn they are not what the state run news media has told them they are. They will become independent thinkers for themselves. They will get off the state run media diet of deception. Others will drop out and keep believing the state run news media deception.

Look for many things to change for the better. As the state run media doctrine of deception becomes less politically correct, the political correct generation will come out of the fog and begin to see that barack obama and hillary clinton are scam artists that have deceived them into thinking that they needed to depend on big government for everything including what they think!

Trump bootcamp awaits the political correct generation and they are in for a BIG shock.

I personally am very happy that Trump was elected because political correctness is a cancer that must be delt with before it destroys America.

We together with President Donald Trump can make America great again. It is not to late. That you Jesus for giving America a 2nd chance!


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(1) (Real News) (Breitbart will be overtaking foxnews ratings in the near future. Foxnews knows the future and it is That why all of a sudden they are starting to report on Breitbart news articles. Congress is getting their "mind" right also since Trump was elected. Many news outlets will start to try and look more conservative as will spineless members of congress. Political correctness will start to die out but it will take some time because its like a cancer that needs treating.)

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