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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


EBOLA Origin (CIA)
Stopping the Spread of Ebola: 7 Facts to Know

If Ebola becomes a problem, here are some key facts you’ll need to know to reduce your chance of getting it.

1. It seems to start in animals and meat. Bats can have the virus WITHOUT getting sick. Then they infect other animals, who do usually get sick.

People kill the other animals and contract the virus while either preparing the meat or eating it poorly cooked. Then the virus starts spreading from person to person.

2. After exposure, Ebola can kick in early or late. After someone is infected, the symptoms start anywhere from two to 21 days later.

3. Ebola doesn’t spread like the flu. This is the only good thing I know about this awful disease.

Flu: You can be contagious before you get sick. Ebola: You’re not contagious until you have symptoms.

Flu: The virus can spread through fluid droplets in the air (like from a sneeze).Ebola: It’s theoretically possible for Ebola to spread this way.

4. Ebola is highly contagious. You can catch it by coming in direct contact with any bodily fluids, including blood, semen, urine, saliva, vomit, or feces.

5. The symptoms make prevention more difficult. Symptoms make it hard for caregivers not to come into contact with those bodily fluids.

There’s profuse vomiting and diarrhea. And the victim’s blood can’t clot. So you can’t stop bleeding from the smallest scrape, prick, or bruise. Sometimes people spontaneously bleed out the nose, mouth, rectum, or urethra.

6. Ebola is still contagious after symptoms stop or the victim dies. Ebola doesn’t stop being contagious with death or recovery. Victims’ dead bodies still carry the disease, and people who recover may continue to be contagious for up to two months or more.

7. There are ways to protect yourself. It’s essential to protect yourself at all times if you’re caring for someone who may have the disease so you don’t come into contact with the bodily fluids.

Basically, cover yourself in impermeable products from head to toe. Think goggles, mask, disposable gown, gloves, and shoe covers. If you’re using needles, use them once only and dispose of them immediately.

Also disinfect your environment. Clean any exposed furniture, walls, or floors with a disinfectant, like a chlorine bleach solution, before future use. This may not all be possible during a long-term disaster, but do the best you can.

(I don't think obamacare will cover this Bubba. Bubba it ain't know accident that this is happening now along with the influx of illegals being flown around the US. The obama regime will use this created crisis to further expand big government and take away your freedoms.

If you are on an airplane, train, bus or whatever and come in contact with an infected person who has ebola symptoms Bubba you can be infected also.

Profuse vomiting and diarrhea is a symptom. If the person is spontaneously bleeding out the nose, mouth, rectum, eyes, urethra and every other body orifice.
Be aware though the above symptoms can be from something else also.

So Bubba ask yourself this: How many planes are they going to quarantine when a person is sick? They can't and won't quarantine every plane because they don't know if the symptoms are because of ebola the flu or the food!

This means it has the potential to spead unrestricted in some cases. (My opinion.)

So I would suggest you don't fly Bubba.

Not only you can become infected in an isolated area like a plane but so can others on the plane. One infected ebola case on an airplane with 300 people that can become infected while flying with a person who is puking etc is a nighrmare. You can't ask the driver to stop so you sit there suspecting to get infected but it could be something else the person has that is making them sick, ie the airline meal etc.) Story Reports
If a pandemic is even rumored, isolate yourself from large crowds, avoid commercial travel, and head out to your bug-out-location if you have one. If you work outside the home, plan to telecommute if you can and if not, take some vacation time. Above all, use common sense and keep a level head about you.

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