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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Veterans’ Lives for Dollars

Veterans’ Lives for Dollars
Barack Hussein Obama Legacy: Enemy to Humankind
Sher Zieve
Employees of the V.A. were expected to make appointments with doctors for veterans (who had called in request them) within a 2-week period. If that didn’t consistently occur, these employees would not receive their bonuses for “good scheduling.“ The V.A., in multiple locations nationwide, then began to place Vets who called in on “select lists” which have now been proved to be death sentences.

Thus far, between 40-100 Vets’ deaths have been reported as likely attributed to their never being able to obtain an appointment with a doctor at the V.A.

This is the V.A.’s version of “death panels”…death panels which were, by the way, illegally added back into ObamaCare after the Orwellian bill was passed. The V.A. employees were caught placing our veterans on secret lists that disallowed them from receiving any treatment at all. Why? Because , if they hadn’t done so they might not have received those bonus checks! Veterans’ lives were lost for V.A. employees’ bonuses…and they knew it.
(VA death scheduling is exactly what will happen with obamacare. You will be put on a "scheduling list" ie you will be put in a cue or "selected lists". These selected lists will be death panel lists. You will wait for weeks or months before you can go to a doctor that is not of your choice. It will not matter how urgent your doctor visit is.

Just because you are in the cue the government will tell you that you have been scheduled and just be patient until you are called. By the time your name comes up in a cue it will be to late. Obama and his evil regime have written "obamacare" to make sure a certain amount of Americans will die while waiting for care or when they are seen they will be given a pill and told to go home, waiting for another government appointment.

Bubba voted for obamacare but bubba thought he would get "free" health care. Bubba does not get free health care but bubba will be put into a cue to have an appointment that will be weeks in the future. In the mean time bubba drops dead!)
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