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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fake obama regime and fake economy

The U.S. FED Printing $85 Billion Per Month of “Stimulus”

(The "FED" is comprised of private bankers.)


The FED is printing money to the tune of $85 Billion a month, buying U.S. Treasuries (U.S. debt) and mortgages. This hasn’t solved any of our financial or fiscal problems in the last 4 years; it has actually made them worse. But the government and the FED intend to keep on doing the same thing expecting a different result.

The White House thinks it can replace consumer spending by printing money and dumping it into the economy. The FED is doing this two ways.

Is the FED, the “New Economy?” Government Financing Government.

(1) The FED is enabling the U.S. government to keep spending money it doesn’t have by getting the FED to purchase $45 Billion per month in U.S. Treasuries (debt issued by the U.S. government)

(2) Next, the FED is also spending another $40 Billion per month on buying mortgages – presumably from the U.S. government (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). The U.S. government took over the failed mortgage companies in September 2008.

So what we have is the FED financing U.S. government debt, and U.S. mortgage debt. This is basically a so called government “independent” entity (the FED) financing the U.S. government.

All together we have the FED printing $85 Billion per month to buy U.S. government (Treasury) debt and U.S. mortgage debt.

“Fed officials committed to purchase $45 billion in longer-term Treasuries each month on top of the $40 billion per month in mortgage-backed bonds the U.S. central bank started buying in September. They also repeated a pledge to keep pumping money into the economy until the outlook for the labor market improves “substantially.”

As of 12-12-2012, the U.S. National Debt stands at over $16.271 Trillion. This does not include unfunded obligations and off-balance-sheet transactions of the U.S. government (Source: US Debt For further reading on our articles covering the deficit, please see our archive.

FED’s “Lower Unemployment” Fantasy

The FED intends to keep printing all this money until the the unemployment rate falls under 6.5%. The only problem is that this has not worked at all in the last four years.

FED’s “Low Inflation” Fantasy

The FED thinks it can create all this artificial economic stimulus and somehow inflation will remain low.

“The central bank said its commitment to hold rates steady until its new threshold was reached would hold as long as inflation was projected to be no more than 2.5 percent one or two years ahead and inflation expectations were contained.”

So the FED thinks it can keep inflation at under 2.5%. This sounds like a novel idea, except for the fact that the FED has been wrong on inflation.

Inflation that Matters to Consumers? Oh, We Don’t Count That

When it comes to inflation, the U.S. government and the FED does not count the two most widely-used items by consumers: Food and Energy (article). So inflation is low if you don’t need to eat, use gas or heat.

The U.S. FED Printing $85 Billion Per Month of “Stimulus”


(For those of you that think the economy is real now you know is a "fake" economy maintained by the "fed" private bankers pumping 85 Billion a MONTH into the stock market.

Every dept in the obama regime is hiding facts about how they do obama's bidding to control Americans through deception and coercion. The obama regime is a crime syndicate with a democrate party store front selling the American people lies! It looks like the democratic store front is about to have a "fire" sale because obama is now damaged goods.)
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