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Monday, February 20, 2012

Is the ram iran and the kurds

Living in the Age of the Ram and the Goat makes the case that we were on the verge of experiencing an era that will fulfill the prophetic vision of the ram and goat that is described in Daniel chapter 8 of the Old Testament. Daniel describes the ram as having two horns and these two horns represent the kings of the Medes and the Persians. It is no surprise to anyone that the modern day Persians would be manifested in the nation of Iran, but who are the Medes? The culture that makes the best case for being the descendant s of the Medes is the citizens of Kurdistan: the Kurds. So the ram can only be formed when Iran and the Kurds make some kind of political alliance. This being the case we were symbolically standing at the doorway of the fulfillment of Daniel’s vision. Notice that I said we were: as of this week we have stepped over the threshold into Daniel’s vision. The ram is now in place.

This week in an article in Today’s Zaman (dated 11 October 2011) titled Turkey-Iran Tension Escalates Over NATO radar system and PKK it became apparent that Iran and the Kurds have finally teamed up. Here is a quote from that article: “The war of words between Iran and Turkey over the latter's decision to host NATO's early-warning radar system may hint at a new crisis looming on the horizon between the two neighbors, with the Kurdish terrorist organization, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), in play as a possible trump card by Iran against Turkey.” The PKK is a Kurdish terrorist group that since 1984 has caused havoc in Turkey in its aspirations to attain statehood for Kurdistan. Kurdistan is a people that have no land; they are an ethnic minority in four different nations: Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Also up to now the Kurds have not been friends of Iran either for much of the same reasons as the Turks: fear that the Kurds might try to absorb part of Iran in their drive to become a state. However the “Arab Spring” has changed all that. As this article describes Turkey has become the standard bearer for NATO and its push for the Arab Spring so it is not a surprise that Turkey has stood against Syria in its fight against the Sunni opposition. Syria and Turkey at one time were allies; since Turkey has stood against Syria, Syria has now also allied itself with the PKK and has threatened to use them in any military strikes initiated by Syria against Turkey. It should be no surprise to anyone that Iran has orchestrated this Iran-Syria- Kurd triangle.

Turkey’s reaction to the Iran-Kurd alliance has become evident in an article from Fox News today. The article titled, Turkey Urges Iraq to Crackdown on Kurdish Rebels,had this to say: “Turkey's foreign minister said Thursday that Iraq should move to prevent Kurdish attacks on his country from Iraqi soil as the two countries renewed their commitment to fight the rebels.” It is interesting that Turkey is seeking assistance from Iraq to subdue the PKK (assistance it is not likely to receive).

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