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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Who is Barack Obama?

Who is Barack Obama?

Who is Barack Obama, II? Obama Release Your Records

H.G. Wells, who was a socialist, wrote The Invisible Man, which was published in 1897. In this revealing clip from the 1933 film, the invisible man says: "An invisible man can rule the world, no one will see him come and no one will see him go ..."

The irrefutably shocking answer is that he is the invisible man! Invisible in terms of his entire background and eligibility for the office of POTUS, and invisible in terms of even one objective record of his existence – here is the short list:

A “vault” (authentic) copy of Obama‟s birth certificate: not released.
Certificate of Live Birth: released but proven counterfeit (
Soetoro adoption records
Punahou School records (in Hawaii)
The Obama-Dunham marriage license
The Soetoro-Dunham marriage license
The Indonesian Soetoro adoption records
Certificate of Citizenship
Selective Service Registration, which has reported to be falsified.
Passport from Pakistan
Passport from Indonesia
College records from Occidental College in CA, Columbia University in NY, and Harvard
Harvard Law Review articles: None.
Baptism certificate: None.
Medical records
Illinois State Senate records
Illinois State Senate schedule
Law practice client list
University of Chicago Records
University of Chicago scholarly articles
Baptism certificate
University of Chicago scholarly articles


Among the most investigated and controversial aspects of Obama‟s background has been his birth certificate, with countless numbers of Constitutional scholars, forensic document experts, experienced lawyers, and highly sophisticated everyday Americans, insisting that all the birth certificates the Obama regime has released – which they claim prove he was born in the United States – have been blatant forgeries.

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