Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Faisal shahzad a muslim terrorist naturalized citizen can prove who he is but obama cannot

Faisal shahzad,a muslim terrorist naturalized citizen that can prove who he is but obama cannot. A muslim terrorist has more credibility as a US citizen than obama.

The time square bomber is a flop just like obama, both are DUDS!

Pakistani police told NBC News that Shahzad traveled from the United States to Karachi on July 3, 2009, returning to the United States on Aug. 8, 2009. During that time, he is believed to have traveled to Peshawar, a major city in the region bordering Afghanistan known as the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

(The times square bomber was trained in Karachi for about a month. The times square bomber is similar to the shoe bomber in that he lit the fuse but the bomb didn't go off. I see a similar metaphor when obama is compared to both the shoe bomber, fruit of the loom bomber and time square bomber. Obama says he is going to "lite the fuse" of economic recovery and has done so. Obama's efforts have produced a dud just like his fellow muslim brothers efforts. Obama is a dud himself, a walking talking dud of a leader. Obama is also a complete failure. There is a difference. Obama is a successful failure and his brothers are just failures.) Story Reports

The thread that is common to all recent terrorist plots is the term muslim.

Not all muslims are terrorists but all recent terrorists are muslims.

The story is his house was foreclosed on. He seemed to think this was justification for killing people in times square. Maybe this guy was just trying to send a message for help. :) msnbc and cnn will blame this on him losing his house, like this is an excuse to blow up people.

Obama can't hide behind the shield of race bating or playing the race card this time. He must acknowledge his fellow brother is a terrorist.


TellerIP said...

What drivel. No one believes birthers. Beck doesn’t. O’Reilly doesn’t. Ann Coulter doesn’t. The editorial board of the National Review doesn’t. The Wall Street Journal doesn’t.

That is because Obama has already shown the official birth certificate of Hawaii and the facts on it were confirmed by the officials in Hawaii.

Story Reports said...

His "official" certificate is not offical because it reads "filed by registrar" and does not indicate accepted by registrar as a valid amended birth certificate would indicate.

Also statements made by an official in Hawaii have been refuted by the office of attorney general in Hawaii recently.

Any "offical" statement by any offical in Hawaii also has not been verified by any documentation.

The statements mean nothing just like obama's claim to be a US citizen. His claim has not been verified by any documentation to validate his claim.

He continues to avoid presenting any valid proof he is not an illegal alien.

He admits he is not a natural born citizen by S511 senate resolution that declares his definition of the term natural born citizen.

Obama declares on his web site fight the smears he was a dual citizen at birth and only one parent was an American citizen at his birth.

Obama has admitted he is a FRAUD!

TellerIP said...

His Certification of Live Birth is the official birth certificate and the ONLY birth certificate that Hawaii issues (http://www.starbulletin.com/columnists/kokualine/20090606_kokua_line.html)

No official in Hawaii, including the office of the atty. gen., has ever said that Obama was nor born in Hawaii or that the Certification of Live Birth is not official or that when a Certification of Live Birth says "born in Hawaii" on it (as Obama's does) that does not mean that Obama was born in Hawaii, and the two officials of the Department of Health of Hawaii have twice confirmed that the Certification of Live Birth is factually accurate.

His birth certificate is the official birth certificate, and it is proof of birth in Hawaii, as the Wall Street Journal said: "In truth, Obama has proved that he is a native of Hawaii, and this proof would hold up in any legal or administrative proceeding."

The Senate resolution that said that McCain was a Natural Born Citizen did not say that Obama was not a Natural Born Citizen. It simply added McCain's eligibility to Obama's--which was already established. That is because every citizen of the USA who was born in the USA is a Natural Born Citizen.

“Natural born citizen. Persons who are born within the jurisdiction of a national government, i.e. in its territorial limits, or those born of citizens temporarily residing abroad.” — Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition

Obama falls under the first category, born in the jurisdiction. McCain falls under the second category, born to citizen parents outside of the country.

Dual citizenship at birth or even at the time of the election has no effect on Natural Born Citizen status. A foreign law, which is what makes a person a dual national, can no more take away the Natural Born Citizen status of a child born in the USA than it can make an Ohio-born person not Ohio-born.