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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Government Rulebook that Labels You a Terrorist

March 2013 Watchlisting Guidance
Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux
The rulebook,The “March 2013 Watchlisting Guidance,” a 166-page document defines as terrorism any act that is “dangerous” to property and intended to influence government policy through intimidation.

The 166-page document spells out the government’s secret rules for putting individuals on its main terrorist database, as well as the no fly list and the selectee list, which triggers enhanced screening at airports and border crossings.

The new guidelines allow individuals to be designated as representatives of terror organizations without any evidence they are actually connected to such organizations, and it gives a single White House official the unilateral authority to place “entire categories” of people the government is tracking onto the no fly and selectee lists.

It broadens the authority of government officials to “nominate” people to the watchlists based on what is vaguely described as “fragmentary information.” It also allows for dead people to be watchlisted.

It reveals a confounding and convoluted system filled with exceptions to its own rules, and it relies on the elastic concept of “reasonable suspicion” as a standard for determining whether someone is a possible threat. Because the government tracks “suspected terrorists” as well as “known terrorists,” individuals can be watchlisted if they are suspected of being a suspected terrorist, or if they are suspected of associating with people who are suspected of terrorism activity.

“Because you appear on a telephone list of somebody doesn’t make you a terrorist. That’s the kind of information that gets put in there.”

“So if you are speeding, you get pulled over, they’ll query that name,” he said. “And if they are encountering a known or suspected terrorist, it will pop up and say call the Terrorist Screening Center…. So now the officer on the street knows he may be dealing with a known or suspected terrorist.”

Of course, the problem is that the “known or suspected terrorist” might just be an ordinary citizen who should not be treated as a menace to public safety.

In 2012, the U.S. Government Accountability Office published a report that bluntly noted there was no agency responsible for figuring out “whether watchlist-related screening or vetting is achieving intended results.”

(But the guidlines give a single White House official the unilateral authority to place “entire categories” of people the government is tracking onto the no fly and selectee lists. The rulebook,The “March 2013 Watchlisting Guidance,” a 166-page document defines as terrorism any act that is “dangerous” to property and intended to influence government policy through intimidation.

Does this mean anyone who shows up to a protest with a sign that says something like: defund the NSA, dismantle the IRS, impeach obama etc is committing an act that is "dangerous" to property and intended to influence government policy through intimidation?

If someone resists or protests government policies are they considered to be intimidating the obama regime? It would seem so bubba.) Story Reports
in·tim·i·date: to make (someone) afraid to make timid or fearful : frighten; especially : to compel or deter by or as if by threats
(So if you protest the government and intimidate an elected offical by telling them they should resign or you will not vote for them and it makes them afraid you don't like them, you have intimidated them.

Remember the guidlines give a single White House official the unilateral authority to place “entire categories” of people the government is tracking onto selectee lists.
The IRS does it also bubba.) Story Reports
The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lets all learn some spanish for the grocery line

With the borders wide open and the flood of "legal" illegals I thought it would be a good time to start learning some spanish.

Have you ever been in a grocery line, in a restaurant, or anywhere else when just nearby you hear people speaking in spanish and looking at you but you don't know what they are saying?

Yep I have and wanted to know what they were talking about.

Now you can learn some spanish lingo for free at this link below.

la bañera
el excusado
el lavamanos
el botiquín
medicine cabinet
el jabón
la toalla
el cortinero
curtain rod
el gorro de baño
shower cap
la ducha
la jabonera
soap dish
la esponja
el champú
el desagüe
Listen to la bañera spoken
I think Americans should learn a little spanish to use when calling a business that says push 1 for english 2 for spanish and then push 2 and talk the lingo a little to the person answering the phone.

el juez
el jurado
el testigo
el acusador
el abogado
el acusado
la cárcel
la sospecha
las esposas
el policía
la policía
police force
la pistola
Listen to el juez spoken
Here are some additional spanish questions to ask.

eres un extranjero ilegal

¿ha tenido todas sus vacunas

¿alguna vez has transportado drogas ilegales

Qué se puede esperar que pague todo lo que los proyectos de ley mediante el pago de impuestos

Hizo obama asegúrese de que está registrado para votar por un Demócrata

¿tienes seguro de auto

es usted un miembro de la pandilla ms13

etc etc
Illegal Alien Calculator

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Madame C.J. Walker first female self-made millionaire in the United States

Madam C.J. Walker
Madam C.J. Walker Biography
Madam C.J. Walker, born Sarah Breedlove, created specialized hair products for African-American hair and was the first American woman to become a millionaire through her own business.

Madam C.J. Walker was born Sarah Breedlove on December 23, 1867, near Delta, Louisiana. After suffering from a scalp ailment that resulted in her own hair loss, she invented a line of African-American hair care products in 1905. She promoted her products by traveling about the country giving lecture-demonstrations and eventually established Madame C.J. Walker Laboratories to manufacture cosmetics and train sales beauticians. Her savvy business acumen led her to become the first female self-made millionaire in the United States who donated the largest amount of money by an African-American toward the construction of an Indianapolis YMCA in 1913. She was rivaled only by the countless philanthropic endeavors for which she is also known.

During the 1890s, Sarah Breedlove developed a scalp disorder that caused her to lose much of her hair, and she began to experiment with both home remedies and store-bought hair care treatments in an attempt to improve her condition. In 1905, Breedlove was hired as a commission agent by Annie Turnbo Malone—a successful, black, hair care product entrepreneur—and she moved to Denver, Colorado. While there, Breedlove's husband Charles helped her create advertisements for a hair care treatment for African Americans that she was perfecting. Her husband also encouraged her to use the more recognizable name "Madam C.J. Walker," by which she was thereafter known.

While in St. Louis in 1905, Walker said she had an idea to begin a cosmetics business. "Madam Walker's treatment did not straighten hair. Her treatment was designed to heal scalp disease through more frequent shampooing. massage and the application of an ointment consisting of petrolatum and a medicinal sulfur. Madam Walker did use a hot comb--which she did NOT invent--in her system, but she was by no means the first person to employ such methods.

Before this time, African American women who wanted to de-kink their hair had to place it on a flat surface and press it with a flat iron. She invented her hair softener for use with a straightening comb. Mixing her soaps and ointments in washtubs and kitchen utensils, while adapting the existing hairdressing techniques and modifying curling tools. She added the prefix Madame to her name and took to the road, soon demonstrated her excellent marketing skills to sell her hair products door-to-door.

In 1907, Walker and her husband traveled around the South and Southeast promoting her products and giving lecture demonstrations of her "Walker Method"—involving her own formula for pomade, brushing and the use of heated combs.

As profits continued to grow, in 1908 Walker opened a factory and a beauty school in Pittsburgh, and by 1910, when Walker transferred her business operations to Indianapolis, the Madame C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company had become wildly successful, with profits that were the modern-day equivalent of several million dollars. In Indianapolis, the company not only manufactured cosmetics, but trained sales beauticians. These "Walker Agents" became well known throughout the black communities of the United States. In turn, they promoted Walker's philosophy of "cleanliness and loveliness" as a means of advancing the status of African-Americans. An innovator, Walker organized clubs and conventions for her representatives, which recognized not only successful sales, but also philanthropic and educational efforts among African-Americans.

The first woman in the United States to become a millionaire through her own work, Madame C. J. Walker (1867–1919) was a pioneer in the creation of cosmetics created specifically for black women.
(Bubba, Madame Walker did not depend on the government for anything. One reason was at the time the government did not print food stamps and welfare checks etc.

If she had recieved everything from the government I doubt if she would have started her business.

Madame Walker depended on herself to provide for herself. She started her manufacturing business with her own funds.

The movie "America" noted this woman and others in the film that were successful in America because America made it possible through individual freedom.

The movie America exposes much of the lies and propaganda that liberals, the state run media and obama regime want you to believe.

Bubba if you can make yourself go see the movie "America" maybe you can begin to get your "mind right".)
Story Reports

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A review for the movie America

America The Movie

Someone once observed: "America is great because she is good; if she ever ceases to be good she will cease to be great." Today that notion of the essential goodness of America is under attack, replaced by another story in which theft and plunder are seen as the defining features of American history—from the theft of Native American and Mexican lands and the exploitation of African labor to a contemporary foreign policy said to be based on stealing oil and a capitalist system that robs people of their "fair share".

Our founding fathers warned us that, although the freedoms they gave us were hard fought, they could very easily be lost. America stands at a crossroads, and the way we understand our past will determine our future. America the movie takes 21st-century Americans into the future by first visiting our past.

Gerald Molen, the Academy-award winning producer of Schindler's List, and Dinesh D'Souza, the creator of 2016: Obama's America, invite you on a journey of discovery that will bring you face-to-face with the heroes who built America, in the times in which they lived, bled, and sacrificed in order to build a great nation: Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and others. You'll be there as Columbus sets foot on American soil, as bullets whiz by Washington's head, as Douglass demands that America live up to the promises of her Founding Fathers, and as Lincoln sacrifices thousands of lives, including his own, to right a great wrong of history.

We'll also meet their present-day critics, hear their stories, and then let you decide which America you believe in. From the team that created 2016: Obama's America comes the story not of a man but a nation, at the crossroads of hope or disaster, whose destination will soon be decided.
America The Movie
A Review for the movie America.
(Movie Will Make you Love This Country)

I was kind of on my feat about what I was going to see yesterday. The beginning of the movie really felt like some Liberal Agenda type movie because it was at first primarily focused on the people who dislike this country and their reasons. However, as the movie progressed we see how the movie goes to scholars and identifies the flaws that many of the leaders of these groups, as political and other organizations try to make the United States look like an evil empire.

Dinesh D'Souza goes in great and complete detail with historians who have published false work and who are also unqualified as historians. And yet, their work is forced to be read as curriculum in many schools. It will definitely shine a new light with the many people who are trying to make a legacy for themselves as an expense to the history and greatness of this country.

No matter your political affiliation unless you really like hating this country, you will really enjoy and feel good about it after this movie. There has been a lot of propaganda about the "Imperialism of the United States" and its evil around the world. This is probably the most worked on, informative, and honest documentary I have ever seen. If you want to prove it yourself, go to the back of the Theater with you smart phone and google all the facts that are presented in this movie. I had to watch the movie three times, and did not find any discrepancies. Some things that are identified is the myth of genocide of the Native Americans, the evil of Capitalism, the stealing of work and resources from other people, and the association of the false historians that have spread their propaganda with politicians and terrorist organizations. It is completely mind blowing when you actually have recordings of what people have said. I have truly never seen so many facts and information put into one film. There are people that sadly read this review and think, none of those pieces of information can be true, but I would beg you to open your mind and look at the facts one more time. These are the facts, presented by third person point of view from people from other countries. It also makes you question where you got your original facts from and their political and social affiliations.

All in all, probably one of the best documentaries of all time! You must watch this movie! I think that it actually reaffirms love for this country which is really important. It makes you ask if this country is really evil or it is a great leader for this world. I think anyone no matter their political affiliation wants to love this country and this movie presents itself as an opportunity to do so!

Monday, July 7, 2014

If you pile fireworks on your bed and smoke guess what?

Woman killed in fireworks accident.
Woman killed in fireworks accident
AUBURNDALE (FOX 13) - Auburndale Fire Rescue described it as one of the worst cases they've seen.

"I have been doing this for 25 years. I've ran several calls with fireworks and this by far was the worst incident that I have ever ran," said Lt. Eddie Sebastia.

The call came from Eaker Street in Auburndale on July 4th.

Kathryn Flint was hosting a party for her family and friends.

As night fell, officers said she went into her bedroom to grab mortar-style fireworks.

The fireworks were laying on her bed.

They exploded and sparked a fire.

Her son, Christopher Flint, rushed in and pulled her out.

"They were frantic. Obviously they were family members. They were concerned and were trying to do everything they could," said Lt. Sebastia.

Flint was severely burned.

She died Saturday night from her injuries.

Investigators said a possible cause could have been a cigarette in the room.

"The room was charred. You could see that there had been some explosions that had went off in the room," said Lt. Sebastia.
(Bubba your told not to drink and drive for a reason. There are no commercials that tell you not to smoke in your bedroom with fireworks on your bed.

I think the government needs to make another law that adds a tax for Bubbas that purchase fireworks. That way we can warn people not to smoke in their bedroom with fireworks piled on the bed.) Story Reports