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Monday, December 30, 2013

Did U.S. Capitol police murder Miriam Carey?

Miriam Carey

WND Miriam Carey Report
Garth Kant
Conflicting reports about what happened to Miriam Carey

Carey was shot to death by uniformed members of the Secret Service and U.S. Capitol Police officers after a police chase that began at the White House and ended at a guard shack at Second Street and Constitution Avenue, two blocks from the Capitol.

There are a number of reasons civil libertarians doubt officers needed to shoot Carey to subdue her.

Contrary to media reports that she tried to ram a White House gate or barrier, the initial police report shows she never tried to ram anything, and merely tried to make a U-turn after having arrived at a checkpoint. Videos of that incident show police pointing guns directly at Carey.

Also contrary to media reports, there is no mention of Carey striking any officers with her black Nissan Infiniti. Video of that incident also contradicts the early media reports.

The police report also indicates she did not break any laws, until she suddenly found herself pursued by heavily armed officers shooting at her.

No one has been able to explain why police did not use non-lethal force in either attempting to stop her car with tire spikes or by shooting out the tires, or why officers did not try to subdue the unarmed woman with pepper spray or a taser, but instead chose to shoot the defenseless 34-year-old mother.

Carey’s 14-month-old girl Erica was in the backseat as police shot at Carey at least seven times during the chase, as seen in a video recording. It is also not clear if officers removed the child from the car before shooting and killing her mother and, if so, why they didn’t simply arrest Carey.

Miriam Carey’s sister, Valerie Carey, is a former New York City police officer, as is the attorney representing her, Eric Sanders.

Sanders told WND he and Valerie believe law enforcement officials completely mishandled a simple “suspicious vehicle” car stop.

He maintained that such car stops are handled professionally by law enforcement officials all over the world every day without incident, including in other cities with so-called “high value targets,” such as the Capitol and White House.

WND asked Valerie Carey, given her experience as an NYPD sergeant, what she thought went wrong.

She said her information is limited by not being able to see the dash-cam video, but based on what she’s learned so far, “I believe the authorities allowed the situation to get out of control, and it could have been handled a lot differently.”

Sanders thinks there may be another factor at play and has asked the Department of Justice to investigate the shooting.
(Washington police along with the "secret" service are hiding the videos and facts about what really happened to Miriam Carey. I think she was murdered. Deadly force was not justified. Where's sharpon and jackson on this issue of police violence against black's? Its fast and furious "justice" including her sumarial execution.) Story Reports

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