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Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh Come On

"Oh Come ON", That's the response I got from a young lady after a few seconds of staring at my small signs that read: Obama is a FRAUD; Obama will destroy the US economy and collapse the US dollar; Where is the birth certificate?

World Net Daily Exposes The FRAUD Called Obama Daily

The where is the birth certifcate bumper sticker I was holding up is what got the response from the young woman. I spoke to her and exclaimed Obama was a FRAUD because he has not documented his "certification of live birth". She later ran off through the crowd in disgust. This is what I perceive to be the general mood of many who like the youg lady are misinformed or uninformed or refuse to accept the true facts about the FRAUD obama. Oh come on young lady can you explain to me why obama refuses to explain/document/prove/certify or even talk about his birth record. He has recently been exposed as a FRAUD again by the fact he has sent a letter to a hosptial in Hawaii stating he was born at the hospital but he also has told UPI and other news outlets in the past he was born at another hospital in Hawaii. Young lady can you explain that in a logical manner? Do you know where you were born and at which hospital? Does your hospital refuse to even acknowledge you were born there until pressure from outside sources strangely make it seem a reality?

Many people take it for granted obama was born in the US and is a US citizen. All the facts minus any documentation proving obama's certification of live birth are real point to the obvious conclusion obama was born elsewhere and not in the US. Therefore obama is a FRAUD and a LIAR. A CON man who has tricked the population into believing he is a US citizen. It really seems he was born in Kenya not the US. He stated on his web site he was a Kenyan citizen until age 21. This would make him a dual citizen at birth. Either way obama as I have stated is a FRAUD and a LIAR.

Some people are informed some people are not some people believe a lie.

Obama must hurry now, he knows he must push "obama care" and "obama carbon credits/global warming/climate change" bills through the congress before enough people realize he is taking control by stealth legislation that will destroy the US economy sooner and of course collapse the US dollar. The comptroller general warned earlier this year the dollar can't be sustained past the end of 2009.

Obama is the ENEMY from within as are all who support obama and his agenda. The war has only begun. Obama knows many people will fight for their freedom. He knows we will not let him destroy our country. Its like the revolutionary war. We all will take sides soon. There is no middle ground. Its like the FRAUD said, "your either with us or against us." Obama I am against you. You kill baby's and want to destroy everything American's hold dear. I have decided to oppose the FRAUD obama by speaking out and helping to make others aware he is a FRAUD.

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