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Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama is a FRAUD The Obama Code

World Net Daily Article About The Fraud Obama

World Net Daily asks the question: "Where Is The Birth Certificate?". They mean the long form birth certificate that should have been issued in Hawaii when the FRAUD was born. Obama or whatever his name is will not release his original birth certificate nor provide any documentation of his birth to verify he was born in an Hawaiian hospital in 1961. This is exactly what a FRAUD would do, ie. hide his true identity. If obama is real he would document his birth when asked without objection or hesitation. He would provide the information missing on the "certification of live birth" which he has provided as proof he was born in Hawaii. Obama would provide the physicians name and hospital name which is on the long form birth certificate. The "certification of live birth" which obama states is his "birth certificate" could have been generated for him if he was born outside of the US. For instance the form he has would and could have been generated if he was born in Kenya. So the form does not verify where obama was born. He could have been born anywhere. This is the coverup. This is the lie. This is what the FRAUD obama is hiding. Obama has actually said he was born at two different hospitals. At one time he said queens hospital at another time he said Kauikeolani Children's Hospital. He couldn't have been born at both of the hospitals nor will he offer any valid proof he was born anywhere with proper documentation. It is as if obama wasn't born anywhere. This is the kind of proof one would offer if there was no valid proof of birth. Obama is an imposter/fraud an inigma. He is an inigma with a code that can be broke. is working like the codebreakers at Bletchley Park to decipher the supposedly unbreakable Enigma code or obama code/birth certificate. Remember any code can be broken. Information revealed by the code-breakers at Bletchley Park was called ULTRA. There are a vast number of people working to crack the "obama code". The information unlike "ultra" when found will not be top secret but revealed to expose the FAD obama. This is what the FRAUD obama fears, his exposure before he can ruin the US economy and ram through total government control of our lives through congress. If he can't have his way with congress he will as I have said collapse the US dollar in another way leading to marshal law and an obama dictatorship. Obama is a fake individual who wants you to believe he is your friend and will help you. He is a destroyer of individual freedom and liberty. He is hidden for now until the "obama code" is broken.

The obama code will be broken and the inigma solved exposing the FRAUD.


Cipher this obama enigma code to learn obama's true identity!

encoded text:


Enter the above code in the enigma machine simulator to find the answer.

Do not change any rotor or reflector settings. Use the default as displayed on the page.

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