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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Iphone EMF Detector App

Get a Free IPhone EMF Detector

Detect the electromagnetic fields near you, known as EMF. It's not necessary an expensive electronic equipment. Your device is already a sensor to detect EMFs.
Track when a high magnetic field has been measured while you take the mobile with yourself. A warning beep will be activated to warn you and prevent health problems.

Use "Electromagnetic detector" as a scanner or as a EMF detector to detect high risk wireless zones. Check if your bed is EMF free! Appliances, microwaves and sockets could be now radiating you.

Convert your iPhone into a EMF Meter (electromagnetic field tester) or as a teslameter. By using the internal compass hardware. You can view the raw data of the magnetic fields that are all around you on a digital display.

Over a thousand research studies have linked EMFs to important biological effects.

EMFs have been associated with symptoms such as nausea, headache, fatigue, anxiety, mental confusion, memory loss, sleep disturbance, itchy or burning skin sensations, and skin rashes.
The electromagnetic radiation come from broken or lose wires behind the wall, or electrical socket, appliances and other electrical devices in the home. Finding pipes or other metallic objects under ground or behind walls. Detecting the presence of ghost. Clocks and radios near the bed may also contribute. Exposures to EMFs from cordless phones, cell phones, wireless computer equipment, Wi-Fi, etc.

Scientist, Teachers, Students, Engineers, all use EMF Meter's for detecting magnetic fields of all types.


-You can track when a high magnetic field has been measured and when, so the current time is stored.

-Warning beep near focus radiation.

-Detect the strength of Magnetic force fields on all three axis’s (x,y,z).

-Magnetic force is calculated in microteslas ( ┬ÁT )

-Record your readings with a time & date stamp of each event.

Electromagnetic Detector:EMF Scanner   For IPhone

Editors Note:

The app developer says:

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true electromagnetic and EMF detector functionality.

Even if the disclaimer is true this app does indicate EMF force fields.

I think it is a very useful FREE tool to indicate EMF spots in your home that are to be avoided if possible.

I used it in several places and sure enough when I put it near a power receptacle, floor lamp, smart meter, surge protector, window air conditioner, tv computer etc etc the app indicated the EMF went up as I put my IPhone closer to the object. The floor lamp had the most EMF because the electrical wires run up through it.

This app logs your reading so you can quickly compare various readings.

I recommend this app and suggest you get it for FREE in the itunes app store.

Electromagnetic Detector:EMF Scanner   For IPhone

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