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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Smart Meter Fires

Shocking and disturbing facts about smart meter fires -- which your utility does not want you to know about.

Excellent information your utility company hopes you never see. Every homeowner and property manager needs to see this.

Smart Meters: Most have no built in surge protectors

Contrary to analog meters, with most ‘smart’ meters there are NO BUILT IN SURGE PROTECTORS? And the results? Millions of dollars in damage from fires, explosions and power outages which should have never happened.


Q: Is it true that insurance companies won’t insure against the risks of “smart” meters?
We heartily recommend that you write to your own insurance company to ask explicit questions about whether they insure against the risks of “smart” meters. The more people who write to ask this question, the more attention insurance companies may pay this unaddressed question.

Editor note:

I am more worried about a smart meter with no surge protection starting a fire at my home than microwaves surging through my walls slowly "cooking" me..

I am going to ask the utility company why the new smart meter they just installed has NO surge protection.

I am going to call my insurance company and ask does my home fire insurance cover a fire caused by a surge to a smart meter or just a smart meter catching on fire by itself.

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