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Saturday, October 29, 2016

FBI Bombshell: Reopening the investigation into Hilary Clinton's email server

Hillary has a senior pain moment as she thinks about FBI reopening an investigation about her secret illegal email server and criminal emails that could sink her campaign.


Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein comments on the FBI's shocking Friday afternoon announcement, 10/28/2016, that they are reopening the investigation into Hilary Clinton's email server because new evidence has come to light.

CARL BERNSTEIN: "Well, there's no question that the e-mails have always been the greatest threat to her candidacy for president, that her conduct in regard to the e-mails is really indefensible and if there was going to be more information that came out, it was the one thing, as I said on the air last night, actually that could really perhaps affect this election."

"We don't know what this means yet except that it's a real bombshell. And it is unthinkable that the Director of the FBI would take this action lightly, that he would put this letter forth to the Congress of the United States saying there is more information out there about classified e-mails and call it to the attention of congress unless it was something requiring serious investigation."

"But this is her achilles heel and we have to remember that it also comes on the -- back to the word heel -- of the revelations about the Clinton Foundation."

"Also it's very possible that some members of congress very quickly are going to get an idea of what these e-mails are, and what this is all about, and for whatever purpose put some information out there."


(FBI director Comey should be investigated for withholding and deleting criminal evidence. Comey can't be trusted any more than hillary or obama.)

3 competing theories on why the FBI re-opened the Hillary email server investigation

3 competing theories on why the FBI re-opened the Hillary email server investigation

There is no question that re-opening the FBI Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server is a big deal. The FBI normally avoids acting just before an election in order to avoid charges of political manipulation.

There are 3 competing theories as to why he might be doing this now that come to mind.

(1) He might be seeking to restore his badly damaged reputation, recognizing that the damage he has inflicted on the FBI is substantial. Three days ago, American Thinker published an open letter from a retired FBI Agent, Hugh Galyean, that laid out some of the damage Comey has inflicted on the institution he leads. There is little doubt that this reached many in the FBI family, putting in print what people have only whispered about. If those silenced voices start speaking out, Comey could face a serious loss of face. In this scenario, he is heading off a staff rebellion, possibly including mass resignations.

(2) Rush Limbaugh today discussed an alternative theory, that by announcing an FBI Investigation resuming, Comey is putting a lid on further attention to Wikileaks. I guess this means that Clinton forces will argue we must wait for the investigation to be complete (after the election) before speaking about what the evil Russians are planting into our politics.

(3) It is possible that something so dramatic came up in the pertinent emails that postponing a public reaction by not announcing the reopening of the investigation would, be regarded as political interference by covering up a smoking gun until after the election. In this scenario, Comey is assuming the evidence cannot be suppressed, and that he would be held accountable after it comes out. This scenario also indicates that we could be headed for a constitutional crisis, involving the possible indictment of a president-elect before an election. Or the evidence being turned over to the House of Representatives for impeachment hearings.

We’ll know more in the coming days, and I am sure there are other possible theories and motives. It is shame that we have to speculate, and that the once-respected FBI director is now subject to analysis of his political gamesmanship.


(FBI director Comey should be investigated for withholding and deleting criminal evidence about hillary's email server and criminal emails.

(4) Another theory is FBI director Comey sees the writing on the wall and he knows the hildabeast is going to take a fall so he is covering his own rear end before it happens. If hillary, takes a fall so will obama.

(5) Another theory is Comey is trying to sooth internal FBI personnel that he is not a total disgrace.

What ever the real reason is it is not to promote justice but to promote Comey.)



Republican Donald Trump saw things differently than Ms Clinton.

"Hillary has nobody but herself to blame for her mounting legal difficulties," he said at a loud campaign appearance Saturday in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional and purposeful," he said. "Hillary set up an illegal server for the obvious purpose of shielding her criminal conduct from public disclosure and exposure, knowing full well that her actions put our national security at risk."

A day earlier, shortly after the FBI's announcement, he told a cheering crowd in Manchester, New Hampshire: "Perhaps finally justice will be served."

"Clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before," Trump said. "We must not let her take her criminal scheme into the Oval Office."