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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Apple Lawyer Ted Olsen Has A Rotten Core

Apple's lawyer Ted Olsen: Government wants 'limitless' power. (He should know because the 911 phone calls to his wife on flight 77 never happened according to FBI testimony.)


911 Phone Calls From Hijacked Flight 77 Never Happened


Please visit The entire "offical" story of what happened on 911 is based on a LIE! http://www.consensus911.org/point-pc-2/#N_14 This link has the proof there were NEVER any phone calls that connected from flight 77 to Ted Olsen!

Barbera Olsen wife of Ted Olsen NEVER talked to him on a cell phone during flight 77. Ted Olsen LIED as did George Bush about the flight 77 phone calls.

The entire "offical" story of what happened on 911 is based on a LIE! A lie that was told by Ted Olsen the current Apple lawer.

Olsen and bush lied about the box cutters and the phone calls to flight 77 according to the FBI testimony.

United States v. Zacarias Moussaoui, Prosecution Trial Exhibit P200054. This FBI report on phone calls from AA 77 can be viewed more easily in an article by Jim Hoffman.

FBI Detailed Account of Telephone Calls From September 11th Flights

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