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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What are the extraordinary measures the US is taking to keep the government solvent?

The Exchange Stabilization Fund:

$23 billion. This fund, among other uses, buys and sells foreign currency for economic stabilization purposes involving adverse or unwelcome exchange rate movements. For example, it was used in 2011 to help alleviate a surge in the Japanese currency after a major earthquake. Treasury is not authorized to restore lost interest. State and local government series Treasury securities. These are securities the federal government may or may not issue to states and local entities to hold any cash proceeds from their issuance of bonds.

May 18, the Treasury Department will begin implementing the standard set of extraordinary measures

Treasury Employs Extraordinary Measures to Spend Beyond Debt Limit

Treasury Employs Extraordinary Measures to Spend Beyond Debt Limit

After hitting the debt limit on March 19, the Treasury Department under Secretary Jack Lew is now employing its toolset of “extraordinary measures” to continue deficit spending without legally breaching the debt limit.

It will provide about $260 billion in borrowing capacity, which should last beyond at least Labor Day, according to a letter from Secretary Lew.

These cash-management measures really aren’t extraordinary anymore; they have become a common occurrence in Washington. After hitting the debt limit in 2011, Treasury employed its extraordinary measures to create about $240 billion in additional borrowing capacity from May 16 through August 1. It tapped into the measures again just this January for $60 billion.

Below-normal revenue levels during the economic recession and $830 billion in stimulus spending drove deficits to trillion-dollar levels over the past four years and drove the debt up against its legal limit. But revenues are projected to exceed normal levels over the next decade. If lawmakers neglect to deal with the three major entitlement programs, they will drive the debt ever higher. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid already make up 45 percent of the budget, and they are growing at a rapid pace as the number of beneficiaries and associated costs keep going up.


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