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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama the clown is not immune to being made fun of just because he is bi racial

Obama Rodeo Clown Tuffy Gessling speaks out about death threats, says performance had nothing to do with race.

Obama wearing his ronald mcdonald dummy shoes and smile.
Obama clown smile and ronald macdonald size feet!

Obama Rodeo Clown Tuffy Gessling has chosen to come forward after he’s been deemed a hater by so many to explain that his performance that night had nothing to do with race or hate; it was just entertainment as they’ve done with past presidents. He also talks about some of the death threats he’s received.

(The masked clown routine has been done about past presidents. Tuffy the rodeo clown put on a mask like the former presidents, reagan, bush, clinton etc, and acted like a clown. Why should the usurper resident in the white house be treated any different? He shouldn't. He isn't special or different except he is bi racial. He isn't black or white but he is in the white house as "president". Obama is not immune to someone making fun of him nor should he be just because is bi racial.

I'll admit obama is a clown that should be run out of town but he should and can be made fun of just like the other presidents who were really presidents.

Obama is nothing special nor should he be immune to anyone making fun of his person. Its easy for the clown obama to claim racism just because he is bi racial but this like I said doesn't make him immune to anyone making fun of the fact he has feet like ronald mcdonald.

The mask Tuffy the clown put on was just a mask of the real clown who calls himself obama. Obama himself is more of a clown than Tuffy the clown.)
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