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Friday, June 21, 2013

What is metadata and how does the obama regime use it to map your EVERY move?


Government could use metadata to map your every move
What is metadata?

Lindsay Wise and Jonathan S. Landay

Simply put, it’s data about data. An early example is the Dewey Decimal System card catalogs that libraries use to organize books by title, author, genre and other information. In the digital age, metadata is coded into our electronic transmissions.

“Metadata is information about what communications you send and receive, who you talk to, where you are when you talk to them, the lengths of your conversations, what kind of device you were using and potentially other information, like the subject line of your emails,”
said Peter Eckersley, the technology projects director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital civil liberties group.

Powerful computer algorithms can analyze the metadata to expose patterns and to profile individuals and their associates, Eckersley said.

“Metadata is the perfect place to start if you want to troll through millions of people’s communications to find patterns and to single out smaller groups for closer scrutiny,” he said. “It will tell you which groups of people go to political meetings together, which groups of people go to church together, which groups of people go to nightclubs together or sleep with each other.”

Metadata records of search terms and webpage visits also can reveal a log of your thoughts by documenting what you’ve been reading and researching, Eckersley said.

“That’s certainly enough to know if you’re pregnant or not, what diseases you have, whether you’re looking for a new job, whether you’re trying to figure out if the NSA is watching you or not,” he said, referring to the National Security Agency. Such information provides “a deeply intimate window into a person’s psyche,” he added.

The more Americans rely on their smartphones and the Internet, the more metadata is generated

Metadata with GPS locations, for example, can trace a teenage girl to an abortion clinic or a patient to a psychiatrist’s office, said Karen Reilly, the development director for The Tor Project, a U.S.-based nonprofit that produces technology to provide online anonymity and circumvent censorship.

Metadata can even identify a likely gun owner, she said.

“Never mind background checks, if you bring your cellphone to the gun range you probably have a gun,” Reilly said.

(The answer to "meta data" with your cell phone is to not take it where you don't want the obama regime or anyone else to track you. Just cutting your phone off is not enough because the NSA and hackers can turn it on when its off and when you think its off it may not be off. Small capacitors can act like batteries to store enough energy to active your cell phone.) Story Reports

“People don’t realize all the information that they’re giving out,” she said. “You can try to secure it – you can use some tech tools, you can try to be a black hole online – but if you try to live your life the way people are expecting it, it’s really difficult to control the amount of data that you’re leaking all over the place.”

A former senior official of the National Security Agency said the government’s massive collection of metadata allowed the agency to construct “maps” of an individual’s daily movements, social connections, travel habits and other personal information.

(Smartphone,internet, laptops, GPS anything that is electronic can have the ability to allow "BIG BROTHER" to MAP your daily movements. People are becoming more aware than ever of the obama regime and others ability to "map" your every move.

Because of this there will come a time when the devils in congress will rationlize and ram through a bill that will REQUIRE you and me to be TAGGED like a dog so they can map the individuals who have become aware that their electronic devices are spying on them. Millions of Americans will continue to use their cell phones etc but with the knowledge their electronic devices are mapping their movements and they will disable the devices or not take them where they don't want to be mapped.

When people become too aware of the current regime's mapping, the regime in power will pass a bill that requires Americans to be tagged like a dog because the tyrannical government must know what you are doing at all times.)
Story Reports


“This is blanket. There is no constraint. No probable cause. No reasonable suspicion,” said Thomas Drake, who worked unsuccessfully for years to report privacy violations and massive waste at the agency to his superiors and Congress.

Metadata “is more useful than (the) content” of a telephone call, email or Internet search, Drake said in an interview. “It gets you a map over time. I get to map movements, connections, communities of interest. It’s also a tracking mechanism.”

The NSA “can easily associate” a phone number with an identity, he added. “All location information comes from a (cellular) tower. There are tower records. They are doing this every single day. It’s basically a data tap on metadata, and I can build a profile (of an individual) instantly.”

The agency has programs that also can mine the metadata of emails and other electronic information, Drake said.

With advances in data storage, he continued, the NSA is able to maintain massive amounts of metadata for as long as it wants. “This stuff is trivial to store,” he said.

Drake added that U.S. telecommunications companies are prohibited from publicly disclosing arrangements with the NSA and are protected under the Patriot Act from lawsuits. “They literally have the protection of the U.S. government from any, any lawsuit. The United States is literally turning into a surveillance state,” he said. “This is the new normal.”

At a hearing Wednesday Jun 19, 2013 on Capitol Hill, FBI Director Robert Mueller said metadata obtained under Section 215 of the Patriot Act had helped authorities “connect the dots” in investigations that had prevented 10 or 12 terrorist plots in recent years. Mueller defended the collection of metadata, saying there were plenty of safeguards in place that protect Americans’ privacy. He warned against restricting or ending the program.

“What concerns me is you never know which dot is going to be key,” Mueller said. “What you want is as many dots as we can (get). If you close down a program like this, you are removing dots from the playing field.”


(Mueller is a liar as is obama and all his fellow comrads. The obama regime considers you to be just a dot and NOT a Sovereign US citizen. The fact that I just used the term Sovereign citizen is a BIG dot with the current regime/NSA/Homeland INsecurity etc. If you as a Sovereign citizen CONNECT THE DOTS of the above story about the regime in power connecting the dots, you have discovered that YOU and I are LIVING IN A POLICE STATE!!!!

My advice to you as a SOVEREIGN CITIZEN, dot dot dot, is to avoid letting the government play the game of "connect the dots" with you SOVEREIN CITIZEN.)
Story Reports

Dr. Savage mocked the president’s use of the phrase “American persons” to describe those who supposedly don’t have to worry about being spied on by the NSA.
“Notice he didn’t say, ‘If you’re an America citizen,’” Savage pointed out. “To Obama, a man of the world, there is no such thing as citizenship. He said, ‘If you’re a U.S. person,’ but what he really meant was, ‘If you’re a U.S. number.’”

(Barack obama's correct title is illegal alien. He is not an American person. Obama's number is 666.) Story Reports

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