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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time Out


ROGER WHITTAKER and his guest David Gates (of rock group Bread) taped a special for CBC Television in 1977 titled "All My Best - Roger Whittaker" from an album of the same name featuring his hits. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, his family was originally from England. He is a singer/songwriter/musician whose easy listening music made him popular all over the world.


(Some people concentrate on what the idiots in washington dc say or do. If it wasn't for the idiots in washington we all could enjoy life and not concern ourselves with what the idiots in washington have done or will do next. I think I need a time out. People in the US are in need of gainful employment. Some can't find employment because of their records. Some can't find employment because there is none to be found. Yesterday someone knocked on my door and asked if he could cut my grass. I asked him how much do you charge. He responded and I hired hime to cut my grass. He did a good job. After he was through I talked with him about jobs. He said he had been looking for a job but could not get one. I suspected it was because of some problem in the past. I noted he was dressed in pants that droop in the back like I see many black people wear. I ask him how old he was. To my surprise he said he was 40 years old. I though 40 years old and dressed like a kid no wonder you can't find a job. I later found out that he did have a good job until he started selling drugs and got a record. I asked myself how many people like this guy are on welfare because they messed their life up. I suspect many. I looked at him and thought of the fraud in the white house and how he uses these type of people to his advantage and their disadvantage. What a world.) Story Reports

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