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Saturday, May 18, 2013

An email sent to a congressman about the FRAUD and deception of obama

An email sent to a congressman about the FRAUD and deception of obama.
2 congressmen, Mike Kelly and Jim Renacci, are requesting treasury secetary Jack Lew to release documents detailing the process and methodology the authomotive task force used to shut down general motors dealerships in 2009 during the automotive industry "crisis".

I am asking you sir to also join in this quest but to not only seek the information about general motors dealerships, also seek information about chrysler dealerships that were forced into bankrupcy by the obama task force.
Hundreds of chrysler dealerships were closed when the were not failing at all. Some of these dealerships were replaced with democrate cronies.

This is how obama used the power of the government again for political reasons. Obama should be in jail along with those who committed these crimes.

Please note that 82 former Chrysler dealers had seeked justice because of the improper use of TARP funds by the obama regime.

Leo Donofrio Lawyer representing the 82 former chrysler dealers.

"Our case relies on the record of the entire bankruptcy proceeding which unequivocally exhibits that – while dealer restructuring was a future goal of New Chrysler – all key witnesses, including Old Chrysler’s CEO and Fiat executive Alfredo Altavilla, testified that neither the US Government nor Fiat ever requested dealer restructuring as a condition precedent to the deal closing. The record is crystal clear on that issue. Judge Gonzalez changed Alfredo’s answer in his Rejection Opinion by an act of judicial ventriloquism."

This is clear evidence that the obama regime used the power of the government to force dealerships into bankrupcy for political reasons. This is illegal and obama should be held accountable along with his dept heads using the irs to help obama get reelected by intimidation!


“Judge Gonzalez who – by failing to correct his own fraudulent statement in Footnote 21 of the June 19, 2009 Rejection Opinion – has now elevated his transgression to intentional fraud.”

“Where the witness clearly answered, “No”, the Judge has changed the answer to “Yes”.”

It is very obvious the former chrysler dealers should have not been burned. Dealer restructuring as a condition precedent to the deal closing was never needed nor requested.

“The record of the case clearly shows that Old Chrysler was the only party directly responsible for ripping the livelihood from our clients.”

Unconstitutional use of TARP funds by the government is also obvious.

“But for the improper use of TARP funds, the Government would not have gifted Chrysler to Fiat and our clients would not have had their businesses ripped from them.”

“The entire case against the rejected Chrysler dealers revolved on one simple answer given by Fiat Executive, Alfredo Altavilla, when he was cross-examined by Dealer Counsel during the hearing to decide the fate of Chrysler. Every other witness testified that neither the US Government nor Fiat requested that Old Chrysler reject the 789 Dealer franchise contracts.”

“Without a request by the lender (the US Government) or the purchaser (Fiat), there was no sound business judgment in Old Chrysler killing off 789 franchises.”

“The American people paid the ENTIRE 20 plus billion dollar purchase costs just to hand it over to Fiat for free.”

“Zippo nada zilch was paid by Fiat who were therefore in no position to demand 40,000 American jobs be lost and 789 dealerships be gutted. Fiat didn’t make that insane demand and the testimony above clearly shows this to be true.”

(Obama paid fiat 20 plus billion dollars to buy chrysler. Obama through his czar required 40,000 American jobs be lost and 789 dealerships be gutted. Judge gonzo is covering for obama. Obama is a communist who is destroying the US economy on purpose. This is a prime example. Obama kills 40,000 jobs, borrowers 20 billion and gives it away to fiat.

Now thats what I call “spreading the wealth around”!) Story Reports

Stop Obama before its to late please! Investigate this also!

Chrysler Dealers and Quo Warranto

Judge Gonzalez Now Guilty Of Intentional Fraud In Chrysler Case. Leo Donofrio Former Chrysler Lawyer in 2010

(We now begin to see why Leo lost the bankrupcy case of the former chrysler dealers. The former chrysler dealers had their dealerships taken away by the obama czars and the automotive task force of the obama regime.

These dealerships as the above record indicates had every right to keep their dealerships. The obama czar 'task force" made sure they lost their dealerships so they could be given to democratic supporters of obama!!!!

Obama via the "automotive task force" used the power of the government to strip away property of American citizens for POIITICAL REASONS!!!

This is what a dictatorship does!

The corruption is not just in the IRS hounding Americans but it in agency after agency of the obama regime.

Obama and his fellow thugs should be in jail.)
Story Reports

Leo Donofrio and Steve Pidgeon represent 76 former Chrysler dealers.

(Take time to read the Leo Donofrio archives and become aware of the corruption via barack hussen obama.)Story Reports

How can it be that obama is still in office?????????????????

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