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Thursday, January 17, 2013

It seems to me it would not be hard to manipulate someone into doing something

False Flag?

People often state that under hypnosis they feel like passive observers to whatever takes place.

(This is what the shooter that killed many recently in the movie theater told an interviewer after he was arrested. He said he thought he was in a video game.

He had been hypnotized.) Story reports


Posthypnotic suggestions, which are instructions given to people under hypnosis that affect them after they wake up, rely on the increased automatic receptivity to suggestions in the hypnotic state.

Thousands of psychologists, dentists, and physicians in various specialties now have thorough training in hypnotic methods within their specialty areas.

Professional organizations in clinical hypnosis provide extensive training and continuing education in hypnosis, and provide their members with specific ethical guidelines for the professional use of hypnosis.

It has been adequately demonstrated, both in experiments and in established cases of misconduct, that hypnosis can be deliberately misused by a skilled hypnotist through the use of sophisticated deception.

Researchers have found that more intelligent people are slightly more hypnotizable. It seems that openness to new experiences, rather than gullability, is related to hypnotic ability.

Can people hypnotize themselves? Yes, they can. Entering hypnosis is simply a mental skill, and hypnotherapists commonly believe that regular hypnosis is nothing more than assisted self-hypnosis. It is just more easily learned under the guidance of a skilled hypnotist. However, once you have mastered it, you can do it on your own. This is the goal in many applications of clinical hypnosis, such as for pain control, where the benefits of hypnosis need to be available at any time.

(Keep in mind you can hypnotize yourself, a professional can hypnotize you, anybody can hypnotize you if they know how.

Knowing this you can begin to see how something called post hypnotic suggestion can be used to make someone do almost anything. To me this is like someone being on drugs and under the influence.) Story Reports


How to Install a Post Hypnotic Suggestion

It is important to point out the vast importance of post hypnotic suggestions. So you become very aware of how powerful they are as well as how important they are in your practices as a Conversational Hypnotist. A post hypnotic suggestion is a suggestion that calls for an action when a certain behavior, or trigger, is activated. The actual post hypnotic suggestion is of something that will take place in the future regardless of whether or not the hypnotist is present.

The protocol for how to use a post hypnotic suggestion is a page right out of Dr. Milton Erickson’s book, so to speak. His instruction for using post hypnotic protocol was very similar to all that you are about to read.

The first step in placing a post hypnotic suggestion is to induce a trance; there are different aspects to this first step that we will review more in depth when we get to the COMILA Formula. In the meantime just know you must first induce a trance.

As you induce this trance you will want to concentrate on giving the unconscious many different options about how to do things. You will also want to include things that will motivate the listener to respond to the new behavior, in this you can use motivators like their beliefs and values. Another aspect of your training you will want to incorporate in the trance stage is to use your framing to get the right state for what you are attempting to accomplish.

After you induce a trance you are going to suggest a behavior. This is the second step in the post hypnotic suggestion process. Suggesting a behavior can be a very direct thing or you can do it more covertly. Covert and indirect will give you the best results, especially as you are starting out. In this step you will use the seeding of ideas skills you learned quite some time ago.

You will seed ideas about the behaviors you are suggesting to your listener. While you are seeding these ideas you will more than likely do it through stories either about yourself or others. As you get more into the depth of the ideas and behaviors you will slowly present them as things your listener should consider doing.

Suggesting behaviors is often done well when you use open ended questions or statements. As you use an open ended question or statement it leaves room for the person it is directed at to imply certain things as well as fill in the blanks, often more fully than they would if it were not an open ended question or statement.

Other helpful skills and tools in the behavior suggestion phase are to use frames and presuppositions to imply or assume certain things. You want them to tell you when something will happen, not if it will happen. You want the listener to simply assume from your language that it is inevitable that the behavior will happen and therefore the only question left is when. When you do this you are also going to be bypassing some resistance because you are implying a thing.

Now in this step you also need to remember to set a trigger for the listener, at this point it can be a series of options of triggers. This is the action or signal to the person that they will use in the future to put the post hypnotic suggestion into action. Anything can really be a trigger, a door shutting, a dog barking, a light turning on or off; really whatever you want that will signify the right time to put your suggestion into action.

Even though you will be giving you listener a list or set of options for triggers you will still want to make one of them a clear trigger point. You can be as direct or indirect as you want about the different triggers you are suggesting. You can say, ‘you will do this when’, or you can say, ‘it may or may not happen when’.

The more options for trigger points you allow the more likely it is that they will be unable to resist putting the suggestion into action. This will happen because one of the many triggers will retain the majority of the resistance while the others still allow the action to take place. Another reason to give many different trigger options is that it will make the action you suggest seem more like a part of their everyday life; it will feel more natural to your listener when the triggers compel them into action.

The third step in the post hypnotic suggestion is to create some amnesia. This is something you have read about already and you will know how to do. Some ways to create amnesia are to tell stories and use nested loops, use a language pattern and change the topic as you are talking.

Remember that there is a certain amount of amnesia that will naturally take place simply because you are using a trance process; it is a type of side effect of hypnosis. This will be expounded upon if you are using fractionation as well. Fractionating, if you remember, is when you continuously take a person in and out of trance.

Amnesia is an important part of the post hypnotic suggestion process because it will in a way hide your suggestion so the listener is not too in tune to it. Once the suggestions are deeply embedded it is fine for the person to realize where they came from but in the beginning there can be resistance and then your suggestion is less likely to be put into action so storing it away with amnesia is a perfect camouflage in the meantime.

The fourth step is to return to the original trance you started with. This is much like using the two different trance processes in nested loops. You are creating a trance on both sides of the suggestion and sealing the top with amnesia so there is no escape for the suggestions you are planting.

Finally the fifth and last step in the post hypnotic suggestion process is to build up the listeners self esteem. This is a little bonus for both you and the subject. By building up and working on their self esteem they will correlate the suggestion and behaviors with words that make them feel good about themselves. People are more apt to do a thing if the believe it will make them better, stronger, smarter or what have you. You do things to improve yourself.

The other reason to do this is just because it is a nice thing to do for the person you are helping, like a little icing on the cake. This icing keeps the unconscious coming back for more cake, it makes listening to you a more rewarding experience.


(Obama wants to use psychiatrists etc to report to the government about your gun ownership. I would not trust any of this so called "doctors".

It is obvious obama wants to use the medical profession to map your every move.

People need to be more aware of how they are manipulated. It seems to me it would not be hard to manipulate someone into doing something. Especially someone who already has trouble living in the real world.) Story reports


How to Install a Post Hypnotic Suggestion

The Techniques Used In Conversational Hypnosis



Hypnosis is a natural and common occurrence in our everyday lives. For the most part we are constantly flowing in and out of hypnotic trances daily without realization of them.

Many times we are hypnotized quite by accident and these instances are generally harmless and well intentioned. Other times trances and hypnosis is projected upon us very purposefully, designed to drive you to buy, sell or do something you may not normally desire to do.

The main culprits of purposeful hypnosis that you may not be aware of are the media, news, government, advertising, post as well as other people’s opinions.

The main culprits of purposeful hypnosis that you may not be aware of are the media, news, government, advertising, post as well as other people’s opinions. If you take a moment to think back to a time when there was no television, you will often picture a farm family with no more possessions than they need, maybe a candle burning for light and a fire to cook food by.

Yet happy in the world they have created for themselves without the influence of a television constantly projecting the ‘needs’ of everyday life. If you compare this to today’s home life where most televisions are on at almost every hour of the day, a very different reality takes place.

We are being influenced everyday by thousands of messages targeted directly to persuade us to purchase bigger, nicer, better, more convenient items. GPS takes the place of maps, disposable diapers instead of cloth and TiVo giving you the ability to never miss a single hypnotic message on TV.

Honestly, I have yet to see a Swifter in a museum or on an episode of Little House on the Prairie. Most advertising is created very purposefully, their objective and business is to influence you to buy an item, one you may be persuaded to think you need.

This is an example of the true, as un-ominous as it may sound, dark side to hypnosis. In being persuaded to buy a new car, when our current vehicle runs fine and may only need a good washing, we are not improving the self from within, we are using a material object to make ourselves feel better about our status in life.

The news is just as abusive in its power to influence our lives, news is no longer about bringing new happening events into our lives as it is now about driving you to watch the news.

News by definition is supposed to report recent events, intelligence and information. However I am sure you realize by now the news is about catching our interests, what will bring us in to watch, bad news; murder, war, rape, financial instability, disease; the list is endless.

Good news would be much too repetitive and boring day after day; the sun rose, Joe had a great day at work and his wife managed to stay sane while watching their four children. The story you will hear on the news however is Joe went to work, there was a terrorist attack and his wife could no longer manage the children so she drown them in the bath tub.

The danger of this dark side of hypnosis is that it can often create a false impression of the world we live in; sure it is important to know when bad things happen and to educate yourself to prevent them.

What is dangerous is to think that everyday the ‘news’ is all that is happening in our world. Joe and his family above definitely had a bad day no doubt about it, but there were millions and millions of other families that had perfectly normal happy days as well; little Jimmy got an A, Sally learned to do a cartwheel, mom kept the grocery bill under $300.00 and dad experienced a rewarding day at work and came home an hour early.

The news no longer gives us an accurate representation of the world in which we live, because they to have been influenced to want more, better ratings and more achievement awards.

Hypnosis is a powerful thing and it is important to realize these dangers in a world that is so prevalent with hidden messages and suggestion. The mundane hypnotic dangers of our world come to us through the unconscious being influenced by our societies influences and suggestions.

How do you compensate and keep a sane and realistic view of life? Take action in your own mind, choose what you believe, pay attention to the things that are happening around you. The easiest way not to fall victim to the ‘dark side of hypnosis’ or break negative hypnotic messages is to think rationally, critically, and originally. Know who you are and do not be a stranger to skepticism.

Skepticism allows you to make your own decisions about what you take in as your true beliefs in life. Analyzing and ridiculing information will stand as a defense and help protect your mind from propaganda all around from the "state run media".

(In other words don't just believe every thing you hear. Research it as much as you can. Check things out for yourself. Make your own decisions. Be independent. Don't depend on the government for everything.) Story Reports

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