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Saturday, November 24, 2012

In 2010 the Tea Party Was The Republican Dashboard

(I've been reading about the dashboard app obama used in 2008 and updated in 2012 to gather information that was used as a high tech obama "tea party" with unlimited obama funding. The 2009 tea party was a grass roots organization that resulted in the 2010 republican landslide. After 2010 the republican party stabbed the tea party in the back therefore in the 2012 election the tea party was deluted and frustrated at the moderate republican party. They didn't turn out the vote in 2012. This is also another big reason the usurper/fraud/emptysuit/liar obama got "reelected." High tech "matrix" network organiztion/manipulation of unsuspecting dupes by obama resulted in checkmate. You have got to ask yourself why didn't the republican's take advantage of a similar "dashboard." It seems all they had was a "floorboard" approach to winning just like the low tech 2008 effort of mccain.) Story Reports
NationalField: The Private Social Network That's Reinventing the Ground Game

The New and Not-So-New In Obama's "Dashboard"


In 2008 a suite of online tools geared towards making field organizing more trackable, measurable, immediate immersive became known as NationalField, a software platform now turned social data company.

NationalField is a startup tech company headquartered in Washington, DC.

Its primary product is enterprise-specific private social networks that permit each member of a business or institution to communicate salient information within their organizational hierarchies via Facebook-style news feeds.

The network addresses inefficiencies in information transmission typical of an enterprise's intranet by relying on real-time input and feedback instead of spreadsheets and email.

Unlike Facebook, group members do not self-direct membership via "friending", rather their inclusion depends on their position within the organization.

Networks can feature user-generated apps that allow their organizations to reduce or eliminate typical administrative costs like redundant work, data compilation, information tracking and sharing, and accountability.

It is a narrowly-focused communication tool that allowed any member of a particular group to post progress reports, pertinent campaign information (e.g. how many doors knocked on, phone calls made, etc.), strategic and tactical Q&A, and other important project data to a real-time news feed.

Campaign finance filings show that the Obama campaign is a client of National Field. The company's software advertises its product as something that can help managers within organizations to coach and enhance the performance of their staffers more efficiently. According to the campaign, some National Field ideas are incorporated in Dashboard, but Dashboard was designed and created in-house.

It was a significant advantage in Obama's re-election bid that most of the public never even knew was there.

Together, the hard metrics and softer ephemera alike got poured into a dashboard that gave campaign organizers a quick way to take the pulse of a campaign, and to dive in deeper if they need to.

(The republican party is a loser. Only a new third party with high tech savy that can attract conservatives can hope to counter the obama matrix of deception. I'm hoping and waiting for something to imerge to defeat the deciever in chief barack obama.

If one waits for the republican party to defeat obama it is a wasted effort.

I hope to see another tea party type grass roots collection of patriots that will organize to defeat obama and the republicans in the future.

There is hope but not in the republicans.

Americans can save America if they are not DUPED again by the republicans and the state run media.)
Story Reports

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