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Sunday, November 11, 2012

16 Million White Votes Missing In Recent "Election"

Gulag Bound

Arlen Williams

Remember just a few days ago, seeing the polls show extremely high voter intensity numbers for Republicans, compared to 2008?

Here is one example from Gallup’s, “Voters Say This Election Matters More Than Most,” 11/6.

It clearly shows voter intensity was up for Republicans compared to 2008, by their measurement at a ratio of 85 to 74. Other polls reported similar results to similar questions. Especially with more poll respondents calling themselves Republicans than in 2008, that greater qualitative measurement should have translated into a greater quantitative measurement of votes — and certainly not a great deal fewer votes. Yet, somehow, by the figures below, we are expected to believe that “the white vote” was down 16 million, which happens to translate into a whopping 16%.


It is being widely reported that there were 117 million votes cast: 60 million Obama and 57+ million for Romney.

This is down 13 million from 2008 total of 131.4 million.

In 2008 it is recorded that 100 million whites cast a vote representing 74% of the total and the minority share of the vote was 26%.

Now they are reporting out of a total of 117 million votes, whites cast 72% and minorities cast 28%.

That means that only 84 million whites voted in 2012 down 16 million from the 100 million whites who voted in 2008.

Extrapolating from that, we have to say that 3 million more minorities voted in 2012 than in 2008.

In 2010 the resident population of voting age (including aliens of voting age) was 234,564,000. This was an increase in resident population of almost 5 million from the 2008 figure.

Yet we are expected to believe that there was a net loss of votes of 13 million representing 16 million fewer white voters and an additional 3 million minority voters.

I mean, this is just NOT BELIEVABLE.

I refer you to a chart of all the Presidential elections from 1932 -2010. Census.Gov

As you can see, as the population increases, the number of voters increases in every election cycle except when Clinton ran for re-election against Dole. Not a hotly contested election. Kind of a walk away for Clinton. And, even with this….the drop in voters is not near 13 million, and 16 million whites.

This turn out and loss of 16 million whites in a hotly contested election such as this one is absolutely NOT believable.

What is really going on?



Bev Harris

Perhaps one of the oddest moments of all during last night's live election coverage was what happened to Karl Rove on Fox Network News.

With Florida still too close to call and hundreds of thousands of votes still out in Ohio (including a large hunk of votes in Romney strongholds), and with a spread of about 100,000 votes separating the candidates in Ohio, Fox called Ohio for Obama. Karl Rove arranged to come on the Fox network to voice his rebuttal.

Now, whatever you think of Rove, I think most of us agree that he's a numbers guy. His numbers didn't support the calling of the state of Ohio at that point in time. When he explained his reasoning, the Fox anchor quickly shut him down. "It's a science" he was told.

Based not on actual votes, but on projections from a single private entity, the National Election Pool (NEP), we were all told what the election results were going to be. When Rove pulled out his notes and calculations, he was basically told "Shut up, this is a science."

But is that what your vote really is? A science project, to be viewed only by experts inside a nesting set of black boxes, completely out of public view?

If we are to have real self-governance, we need to be able to authenticate each essential step in our own elections -- without need for special expertise to explain to us what the result is. What more centralized, privatized form of declaring a result is there than to commission the NEP to provide a single set of statistics to ALL of the TV networks for a declaration of results without human eyes ever looking at a single ballot.

The media called the election in Tennessee just 11 minutes after the polls closed and by the way, exit polls had already been cancelled in Tennessee because, it was explained, everyone already knew who the winner was going to be so why bother with the expense. Even the voting machines, opaque and controlled by whatever their programmers put into them, had not yet issued results printouts. Is this the new, NEW method for pretending at democracy?

Washington State, where I live, is a forced absentee state, where 100% of the votes are now absentee ballots, which must be postmarked on Election Day. I placed my ballot in the post office at 2 pm. There are no exit polls, because there are no polling places. Apparently a few phone calls now substitute for actual exit polling (to people with land lines? That's an increasingly elderly demographic). Perhaps 40% of all ballots in Washington have not even been counted yet, but we've been told the results.

In California, typically 25% of the votes are counted after Election Day, yet results have been announced. That's a million uncounted ballots in Los Angeles alone. We have no clue what is on those ballots but we've been told not to worry about it. The stats guys have issued their verdict.

Forget voting machines, programmed by insiders to do whatever they do. Let's just skip counting the votes altogether and use statistics.

Creepy little way to run an election, if you ask me.The public must be able to see and authenticate these four essential steps for an election to be public, democratic, and valid: (1) Who can vote (voter list); (2) Who did vote (3) The original count; (4) Chain of custody.


(16 Million Whites decided not to vote this time. I don't believe it. I also don't believe obama won the election. He and his fellow comrads just fixed the election.

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."
quote of obama comrad.)
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