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Monday, October 1, 2012

How To Make Charcoal For Use In A DIY, Emergency Waterfilter

How To Make Charcoal For Use In A DIY, Emergency Water filter

How to Make Charcoal

A hand-drawn picture of a diy-waterfilter, which can be made in the field with commonly available materials (branches, cloth, sand, charcoal and grass). It can be used to filter (slightly contaminated/polluted) water so that it is safe for drinking. Charcoal can be produced from wood by the indirect (preferred method) and the direct method. The direct method is easiest and requires only wood, an open fire and some plant material to allow the wood to burn up incompletely.

The indirect method (which produces far less smoke and is healthier for environment and the person making the coal).

It is fairly easy to make your own charcoal for drawing, BBQ's, homemade water filters etc.

(1) Get a metal can. Obtain a metal can which is empty, clean, dry, and can contain five gallons.

(2) Fill the can with a good amount of small pieces of wood that will fit into the can opening.

(3) Shake the metal can to check to see if more wood needs to be added. Add until the metal can is completely full of small pieces of wood.

(4) Invert the can with the cap removed. Start a campfire over and around the metal can, with the can being upside down *make sure you have the can over the fire. Make sure that there are no flammable materials or items around the metal can.

(5) Turn the can right side up and open it when the campfire has died out and the ashes are cold, preferably the next day.

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