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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Obama Birth Certificate Ruled a Forgery


Obama Birth Certificate a Forgery

It appears that the Maricopa County Sheriff's department has determined there is PROBABLE CAUSE to believe the long form birth certificate of "Barack Obama" released by the White House is a forgery.

Police also believe that Obama's Selective Service card is a "poor forgery".

Dr. Jerome Corsi is reporting that he spoke with Andrew Breitbart yesterday around 5pm and arranged an interview for him with Sheriff Arpaio. Corsi says it may have been Breitbart's last interview.

Andrew Breitbart died unexpectedly shortly after midnight this morning on this auspicious day.

(Corsi spoke with Andrew Brietbart yesterday Feb 29 tue around 5pm to arrange an interview with Sheriff Arpaio. The next day shortly after midnight Andrew Brietbart dies.

To me this smells as bad as BO. Today Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona determined there is probable cause to believe the "birth certificate" obama says is real is a FORGERY! Something is very very strange about Brietbart's sudden death.)

If you were looking for a reason why Andrew Breitbart died, murdered, it was because he was about to have an interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio that would have exposed obama as non US citizen because he could NOT validate his US citizenship.

The DNC, liberal news media and certain people in the government know obama is NOT a US citizen because he cannot validate his US citizenship!

This is why Sheriff Joe Arpaio is such a threat to them.

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