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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Electronic Cigarette Explodes In Smokers Mouth Just Like A Bottle Rocket

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A Florida man is recovering at a local burn center after suffering severe injuries from an electric cigarette that exploded in his mouth.

Tom Holloway, 57, of Niceville, Fla., was smoking the e-cigarette Monday night when his wife heard an explosion from their study. She reportedly said it sounded like a firecracker had exploded in the house and she heard him scream.

Chief Butch Parker of the North Bay Fire District responded to the call. He said a faulty battery inside the electric cigarette likely caused the accident. Parker described the explosion as if Holloway was holding a "bottle rocket in his mouth."

There was no way to recognize the brand of e-cigarette Holloway was smoking, but the battery appeared to be rechargeable lithium because there was a recharging station in the study.

Holloway, a Vietnam veteran, photographer and father of three, reportedly stopped smoking two years ago and turned to e-cigarettes to kick the habit.

Parker said the explosion knocked out all Holloway's teeth and part of his tongue. The event also set fire to the room.

E-cigarettes are currently not regulated by the FDA.

(Where is "homeland" "fatherland" security when ya need them? This sounds like a "domestic" terrorist plot doesn't it? Big SIS should check into this. The FDA must regulate the heck out of every aspect of the electronic cigarette industry until they are driven out of business just like they do other companies. All e-cigarettes have rechargeable lithium batteries. "Homeland" must also seek to know if these were shipped from mexico etc or did "homeland" do another "operation electronic cigarette runner" scam.) Story Reports

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