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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Orly Taitz seems to display a need to help obama

Dean C. Haskins

While there may still be some who believe that Orly Taitz advanced our cause in the past, many now question her motives, and understand the damage she continues to inflict on our efforts. Whatever her motives may be, it is time for her to stand down and let professional law enforcement proceed in its investigation without any further hampering or interference.

It should be understood that the Cold Case Posse never considered any evidence submitted by Orly Taitz; but it developed, and successfully utilized many other sources of evidence. Early on in the investigation, Taitz attempted to provide evidence, and was instructed as to how to submit evidence to the MCSO/ Cold Case Posse.

Unfortunately, and for reasons only she could know, she refused to follow those directions, so nothing she attempted to provide was ever considered.

When she is hampered in her quests to hijack what others are trying to accomplish (to try to claim their efforts as her own), she will inevitably do all she can to sabotage them.

This was also demonstrated in Taitz's involvement in the Georgia Ballot Challenge hearings. The basis of the first two hearings had been underway long before she ever injected herself into the proceedings; and, once she did, the other two lawyers did everything they could to separate their cases from hers—and even symbolically left the courtroom before her “case” was heard. Even Judge Malihi's findings made it clear that he perceived Taitz's case much differently than he did those of Irion and Hatfield; and it was evident that he wanted to publicize that understanding. However, it has been reported that Taitz was the “lead attorney in the cases” and was “responsible for the cases being heard.” Those were demonstrable lies.

(The above Editorial from Dean C. Haskins exposes problems with Orly Taitz. I have said in the past that something is very wrong with her approach to exposing obama as a fraud.

The fact is i believe orly taitz is as much a fraud as obama. The above partial editorial just begins to expose taitz as something other than a real attorney seeking the truth about obama.

She could be an operatrive working for obama. One thing for sure she is not for real. She is like Romney..IE a plastic bananna.)
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