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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Obama and holder are nothing but criminals that should be removed from office

The Fast and Furious program has sent about 2,000 guns to Mexican drug cartels.

Tom Tancredo

Over 100 members of Congress – I think it is 112 at the latest count – have called for Holder’s resignation.

What possible “deal” could the White House offer to Boehner to persuade him to end the investigation?

The reported “deal” Boehner and Holder are discussing would let higher ups in the Department of Justice off the hook if they prosecute one or two individual ATF supervisors. Holder would then claim he “cleaned up the mess” and be free from any moral or political culpability.

(Speaker Boehner is not only protecting holder he is protecting obama from criminal
charges. Both Boehner and holder should be investigated.)
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Every time Issa’s committee holds a public hearing, new evidence comes to light.

The interesting question is why Speaker Boehner and other Republicans in leadership positions in the House are trying to hamper and curtail the Issa investigation. If Holder is innocent of the allegations, won’t that become evident when all the evidence is made public? If he is innocent, why does the White House fear the investigation?

Some us remember that President Nixon was not impeached and removed for instigating the Watergate break-in of June 1972. He was impeached for his part in the cover up that followed the break-in. In essence, he made the mistake of lying about it, which is what Holder has done.

(Obama is a certified LIAR. Obama has said he has full confidence in holder. Of course obama is lying about what holder knew and did making sure guns went to mexican criminals.
Obama and holder are nothing but criminals that should be removed from office.)
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