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Monday, February 6, 2012

Mitt Romney believes the US Constitution is Sacred

Mitt Romney And His Cult Ambitions Revisited

The book of Mormon teaching unique doctrine is their belief that the US Constitution is a divinely inspired document. They view it in virtually the same way they view the Bible or the Book of Mormon or other standard works of their church. The idea that the document they are studying is virtually holy writ.

Like his father, George Romney -- who ran unsuccessfully for president a generation ago (1968) -- Mitt is a high priest in the Church priesthood hierarchy. What cost George Romney the candidacy was the LDS Church's stand on race. Until 1978, the LDS Church taught that black people were “loathsome, filthy and lazy” (Mormon leaders' words, NOT mine) and that no black could ever hold the priesthood until all white men had received it. But, in 1978, the Church received a “revelation” changing that teaching. However, young Mitt Romney grew up believing this loathsome doctrine about blacks!

Two separate Mormon prophecies about the "endtime". The first is a belief taught by many LDS leaders – including Brigham Young - that a time would come when the US Constitution would “hang by a thread” and that the elders of Israel (meaning the LDS leadership) would come in and save the day.

Many LDS (and indeed many conservative Americans) believe that today the Constitution is indeed in peril, whether it is from the encroachments on civil liberties from the Homeland Security people OR from groups like the ACLU who seem determined to move through liberal courts to virtually outlaw religion (and especially Christianity) from the public square and public discourse.

How the “elders” would save the Constitution is not entirely clear, but it is presumed that there would be a restoration of the Kingdom of God (LDS church) over the whole nation and that the United Order would be restored by a benevolent LDS Prophet who was also priest and king over America.

Not many Americans know that LDS founder Joseph Smith had himself crowned king over America (soon before he was shot at the Carthage jail by a mob). It is believed that all LDS prophets since him believe themselves to be sovereigns as well.

Believe it or not, Smith established a highly secret “Council of Fifty” which was called the “Council of Ytfif” to outsiders (fifty spelled backwards) 50 Mormon-Masons. With these fifty men, some of whom were not even LDS, he intended to set up the foundations for a secret government of the United States with himself as its head. Ironically enough, one of the LDS splinter groups which broke away from Brigham Young after Smith's assassination established a similar council in rural Wisconsin. They called it “The Illuminati!”

The Mormon Oath of Vengeance Against AMERICA!

An open letter to:

The President, First Presidency and members of the General Authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

August 21, 1980


I was recently reflecting that although the actual blood oath and the oath of vengeance were removed from the Temple ceremonies sometime after 1930, you gentlemen are of an age to have received your own endowments prior to their removal, and therefore, are still under these oaths.

I am particularly interested in your personal position on your oath of vengeance against the United States of America. As you recall, the oath was basically as follows:

You and each of you do solemnly promise and vow that you will pray and never cease to importune high heaven to AVENGE THE BLOOD OF THE PROPHETS (Joseph and Hiram Smith) ON THIS NATION, and that you will teach this to your children and your children’s children unto the third and fourth generation.

Have you officially renounced this oath? Or are you still bound by it?

If you have not renounced it, how can you presume to lead four-and-one-half [now over six and a half million Americans] million people [US citizens] under item 12 of your Articles of Faith and still be bound to call upon heaven to heap curses upon our nation? (“We believe in being subject to Kings, Presidents, Rulers and Magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.”)

If you have renounced it, how can you justify having sworn such an oath in the most holy of holy places on this earth, before the sacred altar of your omnipotent God, and then renounce it? Gentlemen, I call upon you to repent of this abomination and proclaim to both the Mormon people and to the people of the United States of America that you renounce that oath and all it represents.

I also call upon all members of the Mormon Church who hold office in our government, serve in the Armed Services, work for the FBI and CIA who have gone through the Mormon Temple and sworn oaths of obedience and sacrifice to the church and its leaders (above), to repent of these oaths in the light of the obvious conflict of interest between their pledge of allegiance to the USA and their higher loyalty to a group of men who are sworn to seek vengeance against this great nation.


(Signed) J. Edward Decker

Ed Decker Blog

cc: President J. Carter, Mr. Ronald Reagan

No response was received to this letter.


The other prophecy is even more controversial. It is known as the “White Horse Prophecy” or the prophecy of the “One mighty and strong.” Now, this is not public, formal LDS doctrine, but it was taught by many leaders of the Church and is still taught today. It is said by LDS leadership that when the Constitution is in dire peril, one will come who is mighty and strong. He will come riding (figuratively perhaps) on a white horse and will wield awesome political and spiritual power.

This mysterious priesthood elder would somehow seize control of the US government to prevent the total abrogation of the Constitution. He would assume total power and create an LDS “Kingdom” in America. At that time, this “one mighty and strong” would be proclaimed the new “Prophet “ (First President) of the LDS church and would also be president of the United States. Thus, he would wield both supreme political power of the most powerful nation on earth and also be the “Prophet, Seer and Revelator” of the LDS Church.

At the same time, through the vast corporate and agricultural holdings of the LDS Church (through its various subsidiaries), he would have the power to either feed the world or with-hold food from the world. The implication is that getting food would be dependent on being obedient to the United Order.

Now, to a Bible-believer, all of this sounds chillingly like the description of the “man of sin” (2 Thess. 2:3) or the Anti-Christ. He will be a great political leader (Rev. 13:2) but with a religious component (Rev. 13:4). He will control commerce and especially food distribution (Rev. 13:17). But most Mormons do not see that connection. They believe he will be a mighty spiritual and political leader who will save the USA from destruction and ultimately bring peace to the world.

Whether or not any of this actually happens in this way is obviously up to the LORD, and to his prophecies concerning Anti-Christ.. But well-trained temple Mormons believe it is literally their manifest destiny to rescue the United States and bring about the Kingdom of God on earth, with their prophet as its head.

The Mormon temple is located in Washington DC Silver Springs, Maryland. On the fifth floor of the temple there is a council room that is an exact replica of the Oval Office of the White House. It includes all the radio and telemetry equipment in place, hidden beneath a dome on top of the temple. From this council room, the prophet could run the nation just as easily as he could from the White House itself.
(I can't see myself voting for someone who believes the above. If it ends up being romney vs obama there will not be a choice. It won't be the "lesser of 2 evils." It doesn't look good, in fact it does seem that the "fix" is in. It is and will be all about individual survival in the future. The government is turning into a police state either way.) Story Reports

Mitt Romney And His Cult Ambitions

Would you vote for a Presidential candidate who truly believes that he will become a “god” in the next life?

Tricia Erickson

(Tricia, as a former Mormon Bishop’s daughter and Mormon wife, went through the cultic, violent and bizarre Mormon secret temple ceremonies of which Mitt and Ann Romney continue to attend to this day. As a former Mormon, it took Tricia many years to deprogram herself from the lies, strange ceremonies and strategic misinformation that continue to be fed to all Mormons.

"They've been trying since the beginning to get someone in the presidency, because they believe they have to establish their authority so when Jesus comes to Earth, the Mormon Church will take control of the government and the Mormons will be the government of God on Earth," she continued.

When asked for specific rituals she considers bizarre, Erickson claims Romney and other Mormons take part in clandestine marriage ceremonies involving "outrageous" customs. Explaining her own Mormon wedding, she says she was forced to completely disrobe against her will.

"It was horrific," she told WND. "There I was standing naked. They brought this bowl of water, and started washing my body down and whispering prayers over my body. They stopped over the right and left breast, the navel and knees and prayed specific prayers."

To help ensure the general public did not learn details of the rituals, she says believers took a symbolic knife to feign their own murder if members spilled the beans of what really goes on behind closed doors.

"They actually had us slashing our guts open and our guts falling to the ground if we told people of the secret dogma of the ceremonies," Erickson said.

"Mitt is not a casual Mormon," she told online interviewer Thom Hartmann, noting Romney has reached the upper echelons of the faith. "There is no way that he will be able to not listen to the [Mormon] prophet. His eternal salvation depends on it. He has to put the church first over country." )

Tricia Erickson Blog

Mitt Romney seriously believes what Mormonism teaches, that he will become a God in the afterlife. Mitt also believes that he will be given his own heavenly kingdom/planet to rule over in which he will be able to call his wife, Ann, into by her secret name that only he knows (this gives him, not God, control over Ann’s place in the afterlife/salvation—-if he doesn’t call her in to his kingdom, she has to remain in a lower kingdom /degree of glory), and they will live together there for time and all eternity. Mitt and Ann believe that they will be able to have external sexual relations to create spirit children in which to populate their kingdom. As time goes by, their spirit children will also inhabit the new born baby bodies of our babies here on planet earth.

You see, they, and all Mormons, believe that we all were spirit children in the “pre-existence” before we came to earth, and that we came to earth for a period of testing in order to merit our own heavenly kingdoms when we pass on to the eternal next life.

Mitt and family (and all Mormons) also believe that there are many gods in the highest degree of Mormon heaven. They believe that our God has a wife with him in heaven, and they were “begotten” by their god mothers and fathers and their god mothers and fathers were begotten by their god mothers and fathers and on and on throughout the beginning of time. So gods begat gods begat gods.

The secret Mormon temple ceremonies are directed to this afterlife fiction. You see, I experienced this myself when I was a young Mormon bride of 19 years of age, so I know of what I write here.

So again, would you vote for a Presidential candidate who truly believes that he will become a “god” in his next life? Or, would you be concerned for his judgment, his ability to discern fact from fiction, and for his literal sanity?


"Mormons deny the divinity of Jesus and salvation by faith alone, it is a cult, and a Mormon candidate should never be elected president."

Mitt Romney And His Cult Ambitions

Magic Mormon Underware Ritual (Additional information about the Mountain Meadows Massacre also.)

An Urgent Message from Ed Decker about Mormonism

Ed Decker's Blog

LDS doctrine teaches that we were all born as spirit children in our pre-existent life on a planet near the great star, Kolob. Mormonism teaches that the god of this world, Elohim, was once a man on some other planet, earned godhood, was exalted and with many goddess wives, sent to his heavenly orb, where through sexual union, he and his goddess wives have been busy procreating enough spirit children to people this earth, over which he exercises his godhood authority.

Worthy LDS men and women, through obedience to all the laws and ordinances of the LDS gospel and through vows and sacred rituals in the LDS temple, learn the sacred words, handgrips and ‘passwords’ needed to enter into Celestial glory and begin the same process for their own planet. That is a pretty simple explanation for the core of Mormon theology and religious practice.

If you want specific LDS proof documentation, go to my website Saints Alive and look at the articles, Do They Really Believe that? And The Law of Eternal Progression.

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