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Friday, January 13, 2012

Pay close attention to Obama when he gives his speeches

A Psychopath needs to practice human traits, emotions, etc. Just pay close attention to Obama when he gives his speeches, they are exactly the same tone, mannerisms, depth of the voice on certain issues, that smile when needed, etc.
Barry Soertro didn't become skilled by himself, he was mentored, trained, by the finest in the business.

Most people invision a physcopath as a madman hidden in an alley drooling and waiting for a target. In reality they are on the telly (on stage) every day, well hidden behind their titles, settings, clothing and praticed human behavior. They fully realize the extent of the cruelty they commit, power is the fuel to their inner needs, fame and fortune follow, rising above the common man in the firm beleif we are inferior.

A simple Con Artist exibits the same traits, deception to these parasites is an ego trip.
P.S. Intelligent Physcopaths are very difficult to catch, the average man generally takes another on face value, position, dress, etc. The perfect postioning for one these *&%$* is right in front of us, in high position with all of the trappings, be they in the Gov. military, police, etc..Rest assured they get high on their power.

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