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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Georgia Judge Wanted To Immediately Enter Default Judgment Against Obama

Obama's Georgia Ballot Hearing: Judge Wanted To Immediately Enter Default Judgment Against Obama.

What happened at Obama-no-show trial Sworn testimony reveals fake Social Security number, other gaps

Obama's Georgia Ballot Hearing: Judge Wanted To Immediately Enter Default Judgment Against Obama

Before the hearing started, the judge called the attorneys into his chambers and explained that he was going to enter a default judgment in their favor. Attorneys Hatfield and Irion requested to be able to present abbreviated versions of their arguments so that they would be on the record. At that point, Irion estimated he would need 20 minutes, Hatfield estimated he would need 30 minutes, and Taitz estimated she would need 2 hours.

Van Irion and Mark Hatfield made their arguments, and left. Taitz then presented her argument, calling several witnesses, until the judge asked her to make her closing statement. As her closing statement began, the judge asked if she was testifying, and, in an unconventional move, Taitz took the witness stand to testify. The judge finally asked her just to make her closing statement, which she did.

We believe that the default judgment automatically translates into the judge's recommendation to the Sec. Of State being that Obama should not appear on the ballot in Georgia.

The Judge pulled the lawyers for the three cases into chambers before it all began and advised them that he would be issuing a default judgment in our favor, since the Defense council failed to show, and wanted to end it there. We argued that all the evidence needed to be entered in to record so the Judge allowed for a speedy hearing where all evidence was entered into the court record. What that means is this… Any appeal, if one is even possible, would be based on the evidence provided by the lawyers in each case.

Both Van Irion and My lawyer, Mark Hatfield made certain that our cases and evidence in those two cases would be closed so as not to be affiliated, in any way, with “Birther” Orly Taitz. As expected, she was an embarrassment.

Now we’re merely awaiting the publishing of this Judge’s ruling which, as previously stated, will be a Default Judgment.

(This is great news. The FRAUD obama will possibly not be on the Georgia ballot because he would not and could not prove his natural born citizenship. Obama could not argue the people of Georgia did not have standing in this court. Obama could not buy off this judge. Obama's bag of tricks didn't work in the georgia state court.

My guess is obama will file a racial suit against the state of Georgia to get himself on the ballot. This case was about his father's citizenship at the time of the fraud obama's birth. His father was a british subject because Kenya was not an independent country at that time.

Obama will play the race card and lie to hide the fact he was never qualified to be on any presidential ballot.)
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