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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The man-child obama received discipline from Benjamin Netanyahu

The man child obama received discipline from the adult Benjamin Netanyahu.

The man-child sat still with his hand over his mouth pouting.

Reuters - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bluntly told President Barack Obama on Friday his vision of how to achieve Middle East peace was unrealistic.

"Peace based on illusions will crash eventually on the rocks of Middle East reality,"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Agenda 21 comes to Greenville, SC

Agenda 21 comes to Greenville, SC

Agenda 21 is the PLAN for a "New World Order" through GLOBAL GOVERNANCE

Agenda 21 comes to Greenville, SC It is government control of land use using the name "Sustainable Development." When you see these words on tv, in the newspaper or magazines remember it means government control of land and your freedom using UN agenda 21 plan to spread the wealth around and destroy the middle class.

Greenville, South Carolina is a great city in a great state. The area across Caesar's Head Mountain to Brevard, North Carolina is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The people in South Carolina are hard-working, down-to-earth folks who appreciate their freedom, and their private property rights.

Few of the folks know that back during the 1970s, South Carolina was one of a handful of states that yielded to the Progressive push to require comprehensive land use planning. Senators "Scoop" Jackson and Morris Udall tried unsuccessfully to get Congress to adopt a National Comprehensive Planning Act. The same national initiative persuaded Oregon, Florida, and South Carolina to adopt statewide legislation.

South Carolina's law requires counties to develop a comprehensive land use plan, and to update it every ten years.

Even fewer folks know that this comprehensive planning initiative that swept across the country during the 1970s was caused by the United Nations, and promoted by an assortment of U.N.-accredited non-government organizations. The initiative culminated in the U.N. Conference on Human Settlements held in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1976.

This conference produced a 65-page report on land. The preamble to this report declares that:

"Land...cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice...

Public control of land use is therefore indispensable."

The United States officially agreed to, and accepted this U.N. Policy document when William K. Reilly, future- EPA Administrator, and Carla A. Hills, future- U.S. Trade Representative, signed the document.

This idea of government control of land use was dressed up with a new name in Our Common Future, the report of the 1987 World Commission on Environment and Development. The new name given to government control of land use in this report is "Sustainable Development."

Sustainable development was further defined at the 1992 U.N. Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro with the adoption of Agenda 21 by delegates from 179 nations who attended the conference. George H.W. Bush signed the document.

When Greenville's comprehensive was updated in 1994, very few people had even heard about Agenda 21, and had no awareness that eight of the nine plan elements closely matched the eight program elements set forth in Chapter 7 of Agenda 21. This match was no accident. The Clinton administration created by Executive Order, the President's Council on Sustainable Development expressly for the purpose of implementing Agenda 21 throughout the federal, state, and local governments — administratively. Tons of money was appropriated and distributed in the form of grants to local governments and non-government organizations, to promote "visioning" processes that led to the development of comprehensive land use plans.

In 2008, Greenville County once again set out to update its comprehensive land use plan. Both the process and product are well documented on the County's website: " Imagine Greenville County: Tomorrow's Vision Today."

Most communities that have developed similar comprehensive land use plans in recent years make their plan legally binding. It is the mechanism through which sustainable development is enforced in many communities. The Greenville plan makes a point of assuring residents that the plan is not legally-binding. It is offered as a guideline for future land use, but it is not legally binding.

It doesn't have to be. Greenville County has a legally-binding Official Zoning Map, and has already adopted most of the available regulatory codes offered by the International Codes Council.

The Comprehensive Plan is the public relations tool used to sell the sustainable development idea to the community. People are told that the Comprehensive Plan was developed from the ground up through citizen participation. The fact is, according to their reports, fewer than 350 people from a population of nearly 450,000 (.0008%) participated in the process.

The fact is that much, if not most, of the plan can be directly attributed to the recommendations in Chapter 7 of Agenda 21. The Chapter title is: "Promoting sustainable human settlement development."

It is unlikely that many of the elected officials, or even those who participated in the development of the Comprehensive Plan, were aware that what they were led to consider was initiated by the United Nations. It is certain, however, that the county's consultant, LandDesigIn, Inc. knew about Agenda 21 and sustainable development. On their website they boast:

"LandDesign and Audubon Lifestyles are united for change — embracing the International Sustainability Council's Principles for Sustainability that promote sustainable solutions for life and business that are reliable, practical, efficient and economically viable."

What's dangerous about sustainable development and Agenda 21 is not that it comes from the U.N., but that it promotes government control over the decisions of free individuals. Government-planned communities and government-planned economies were tried extensively by the Soviet Union throughout most of the 20th Century. The result was catastrophic. To promote the repetition of government-planned communities and government-planned economies in the United States, and expect a different result, is the classic definition of insanity.

Let the free market, powered by free people, decide where to build, what to build, and how to build it. Government's only legitimate job is to see that it is built to adequate safety standards.

(Follow the money an see if your local projects were funded by the UN. Backtrack and ask who did the presentation to you local city coucils etc.)

Agenda 21 comes to Greenville, SC

Agenda 21 is the PLAN for a "New World Order" through GLOBAL GOVERNANCE

Read UN Agenda 21

Nothing in America makes sense until you start digging into UN Agenda 21. Then everything make sense. UN Agenda 21 is the thread, or UN blueprint for Global Governance that is currently practiced in every US Government Agency in America today. UN Agenda 21 is a communist/socialist/progressive agenda put in place by a few Progressive Elite to stifle freedom, creativity, ingenuity and economy of the greatest country in the world so Americans will not question this new ruling class determined to create a "New World Order". Agenda 21 is not based on fact actually it is based on failed communist principals and Keynesian Economics calling for increased Government and spending funded by higher taxes.

Agenda 21 is not just Democratic or Republican. It is supported by both. Agenda 21 was never ratified by the US Senate, yet through continued Executive Orders, our government agencies are following this agenda to turn America into a socialist/communist country. Agenda 21 is now dictating our every way of life. Americans are paying the UN to steal our country.

Agenda 21 is the PLAN for a "New World Order" through GLOBAL GOVERNANCE

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It is the oath of office that gives life and legitimacy to a presidency

The Hoax obama retakes the oath of office but its to late and is not what the US Constitution mandates as required. The US Constitution doesn't say if you did not take the oath in public at 12:00 noon you can retake it later with limited public participation at 7:35 or so.
Former Rep. James E. Rogan, R-Calif pre-written closing argument statement.

"The mere fact that a person is elected president does not give him the right to become president, no matter how overwhelming his vote margin," Rogan told the Senate. "Votes alone do not make a person president of the United States. There is a requirement that precedes obtaining the power and authority of obtaining the presidency. It is the oath of office. It is swearing to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. It is accepting the obligation that the laws are to be faithfully executed.

"No oath, no presidency," he continued. "It is the oath of office that gives life and legitimacy to a presidency.


(Remember what obama said during the oath of office. He couldn't speak 35 words correctly.

Chief Justice John Roberts, administering the oath for his first time, misspoke the order of a few words.

When roberts reached the phrase, "that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States,'' Roberts at first omitted the word "faithfully'' - he re-inserted it after "president of the United States.''

Obama paused.

So Roberts repeated the phrase correctly, inserting "faithfully" in the right order: "faithfully execute the office of president of the United States."

Yet Obama then repeated Roberts' original misstatement - "the office of president of the United States faithfully."

So obama did not take the oath correctly as the US Constitution states.

Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Obama said:

"I do solemnly swear, that I will EXECUTE the office of president of the United Staes faithfully, an will ta the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Obama actually said he would EXECUTE the office of the president faithfully.

Obama did not say he would faithfully execute the office of the president.

(Execute al means to put to death, especially by carrying out a lawful sentence.)

My point is obama did not follow the Constitution.

In 1937, the Twentieth Amendment changed the date from March 4 to noon on January 20, beginning with Franklin D. Roosevelt's second term.

Obama did not take the oath of presidential office correctly at 12 noon.

Chief Justice John Roberts readministered the 35-word oath at 7:35 p.m. Wednesday after flubbing a portion of it on Inauguration Day.

An oath administered incorrectly is not the oath.

"It's just 35 words, but they have to be said; they have to be said in that order," said George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley.

Obama said he retook the oath at 7:35pm the same day, but there is NO video of the oath given again. Only a picture.

The US Constitution was not followed because the oath was not correctly spoken by barry soretoro at 12:00 noon as the US Constitution requires.

The US Constituion doesn't include a wavier for failing to speak an oath incorrectly at later in the day at 7:35 with no public witnesses except 4 reporters, an aid, and a photogropher.

An oath administered incorrectly is not the oath. An oath not administered correctly at 12 noon is also not an oath as the US Constitution requires.

My point again is "No oath, no presidency,". There in effect was no oath given at 12 noon as the US Constitution requires. A 7:35 retake of the oath of office with out the general public seeing it is also not Constitutional.

America is to believe 5 people are to be enough to validate obama spoke the oath of office correctly.

It doesn't matter if he did. 7:35pm was to late and obama did not take the oath of office correctly therefore, "No oath, no presidency" is what occurred.

Not only did obama not take the oath of office and become president on Jan 20 he also lied about his US citizenship and to this day cannot produce a COPY of a long form hospital generated birth certificate. He has only produced an ABSTRACT of a document that cannot be validated.

These are TWO major reasons obama is an usurper "president".) Story Reports

Nordyke numbers expose Obama document fraud. Newly found details about birth registration show president's certificate out of sequence and why.

Birth certificate procedures revised in 1955 "The attending physician or midwife must report births to the local registrar within seven days after they occur," they wrote. "If neither was in attendance, a parent or other person must report."

Family members could report a birth to the Hawaii Department of Health, a practice that n would have allowed Obama's grandparents to report the birth, even if Obama were not born in Hawaii.

(This is why obama could only produce an ABSTRACT birth certificate and NOT a copy of an original hospital generated long form certificate that could be validated.

Nothing obama has put out can be validated about his US citizenship. Nothing.)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Obama’s Certificate Number Is Based On Geography, Not Chronological Birth Order!

Obama’s Certificate Number Is Based On Geography, Not Chronological Birth Order!

Evidence reveals that Obama’s non-sequential birth registration number is the result of his registration being isolated because it was not a traditional hospital birth.

His number was assigned based on the birth being registered in a regional office not used by the hospital which Obama claims to have been born in, rendering the possibility that his “Certificate of Live Birth” Registration issued by the Hawaiian Vital Records office is merely a record of birth registration legally created by the Health Department under HRS 338-17.8, after baby Obama was examined by a doctor, at Kapi’olani hospital, who could attest to his live birth, post-delivery.

These recently discovered sources show that Obama’s birth registration number was assigned by the state’s main office of the Hawaiian Department of Health after his birth registration originated in a regional office not used by the hospital to register births actually occurring within its facility.

Obama’s Certificate Number Is Based On Geography, Not Chronological Birth Order!