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Friday, December 2, 2011

Why didn't Orly Taitz get a valid court order, instead of a subpoena to validate an original birth certificate for obama, if it exists?

The law of the state of Hawaii does not allow the inspection or release of an ORIGINAL birth record. However with a court order from a judge, a "certified copy" of an original birth record can be released. (Hawaii Revised Statute 338-18 (b)

(Taitz should know Hawaii law 338-18 (b). A subpoena is NOT a valid court order. She is wasting her time and everybody involved unless she gets a valid COURT ORDER from a judge.

Martha Trowbridge is a fiction writer and has written about obama.

Orly Taitz is similar to martha trowbridge. Taitz acts like a person in a fiction story and Trowbridge could have written the fiction.

Why didn't Orly Taitz get a valid court order, instead of a subpoena to validate an original birth certificate for obama, if it exists?)
Story Reports

A subpoena is NOT a valid court order. Thus far Orly Taitz and others have tried to get Obama's original birth certificate by subpoena and they have been refused but if a judge signs a court order, that would be a different matter entirely.

Orly is having some problems with her subpoena to be allowed to inspect the original of President Obama’s birth certificate. In her first attempt she failed to properly follow the rules and have the subpoena be issued by a Hawaiian court.

In her second attempt she signed the subpoena herself. In her third attempt, she had the subpoena signed by a court clerk, as she, as a pro-se plaintiff cannot issue subpoenas.

Note that contrary to some claims, this is NOT a court ordered subpoena.

In their reply to the first attempt, the defendant’s lawyers pointed out that under Hawaiian law, Orly was not allowed access to the information. The letter served as a written objection pursuant to rule 45(c)(2)(B) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP)

So if Orly insists that her third subpoena was improperly objected to, she needs to move for the issuing court for an order. Why she filed a motion with Judge Lamberth’s court is beyond me.

In a weird chain of events, Orly, now that she believes that since the plaintiffs failed to once again respond to her subsequent subpoena, that she is allowed to inspect the document, even though the lawyers for the defendant pointed out why Orly’s request was in violation of Hawaiian law.

Orly was also informed not to directly contact Loretta Fuddy, the director of the department of health of Hawaii and that she should instead direct her communications to Deputy Attorney General of Hawaii, Jill T. Nagamine.

Orly and the Hawaiian subpoena

The Liberty Legal Foundation has filed a pair of lawsuits against the national Democratic Party

Liberty Legal files simultaneous state and federal lawsuits against the Democratic Party, requesting an injunction to prevent the DNC from certifying Obama for the 2012 ballot.

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